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Riley Gaines-Backed Sportswear Company Banned From TikTok Over Ad Defending Women’s Sports

  XX-XY Athletics , a sportswear company founded by former Levi Strauss & Co President Jennifer Sey — and backed by former NCAA swimmer ...

 XX-XY Athletics, a sportswear company founded by former Levi Strauss & Co President Jennifer Sey — and backed by former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines — has reportedly received a permanent ban from TikTok over a video advertisement promoting and defending women’s sports.

Sey shared the news — and the ad — via X on Tuesday, saying, “When you run an ad standing up for women and girls’ sports, you get banned for life from @tiktok_us. Here’s the ad. Offensive, right?”

“If you think girls’ and women’s equality matter, stand up,” the ad begins. “If you think girls’ and women’s sports matter, and you want your daughters to have the same opportunity you had, stand up. If you know that it isn’t fair — or safe — to allow males to compete in girls sports because it’s, well, obvious, stand up.”

“Don’t be cowed by people who call you a bigot. You’re not a bigot,” it continues. “Don’t let men tell us how to be ‘good’ girls. Don’t let others tell you you just need to be quiet, sit down, be nice. It’s not nice to further a lie. It’s not mean to believe in women’s equality. We deserve our own sports, privacy, fairness, safety. We deserve a chance to compete, and win. So don’t be nice. Don’t be careful. Be honest, be brave, fight for women. We’ve come too far to give up now. And if you agree with that, stand up and stand with us.”

Sey also shared a copy of the letter she received from TikTok stating that while the sportswear company’s account would still be accessible, none of their ads would go live on the platform.

“Our review indicates that your advertising content may violate TikTok’s advertising policies by featuring offensive content,” the letter read, adding that the decision could be appealed if a request was submitted within 180 days.

“Speak up. Stand up. Vote with your dollars. Don’t buy brands that don’t know what a woman is. Truth is counting on you,” Sey added in a follow-up post.

“We’ve normalized discrimination against women and girls. What used to be called misogyny is now labeled as ‘progress,’ ‘inclusion,’ and ‘tolerance.’ Why do young girls have to suffer for the delusions of entitled men?” Paula Scanlan added.


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