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Vitamin Company Goes Woke, Makes Special Labels For People Who Go By ‘They/Them’

  Ritual, a multivitamin company, jumped head-first into the gender madness this Pride Month. Now, the tolerant people who insist that you c...

 Ritual, a multivitamin company, jumped head-first into the gender madness this Pride Month. Now, the tolerant people who insist that you call them “them” can rest easy knowing that their vitamins will also call them “them.” 

Ritual isn’t clear on how one person can be “them,” but they’re excited to butcher the English language in order to “celebrate and honor who you are with every order.”

“Several years ago, our team heard your feedback about the gendered nature of our bottles. We teamed up with our Internal Pride Community Group to create something really cool,” Ritual wrote in a Facebook post on June 5. “These are our Essential for You/Them stickers; made for folks who may not identify with the gendered label on our multivitamins. As someone who talks to you in the comments and DMs, our team wants to help you to celebrate and honor who you are with every order.” 

Sadly, for the people who get upset about which pronoun is on their vitamin bottles, Ritual didn’t add the preferred pronouns of numerous others in the LGBT community, such as zim, sie, em, ver, ter, and xem. But adding those pronoun options to vitamins is almost certainly in the works. 

If you’re a dude who loves his manliness, and the pronouns that naturally come along with it, you can keep buying Ritual and telling them you don’t identify as “them.” Or you can give your money to a vitamin company that isn’t afraid to say that there are only two genders and “them” is a pronoun used to refer to two or more people. 

Responsible Man is that company. At Responsible Man, we’re not worried about “the gendered nature of our bottles” because even uttering that phrase would make us unhinged and unserious. 

What we are worried about is providing quality multivitamins that put your health first without any woke garbage piled on top — or on the side of the bottle.

Responsible Man’s Emerson Multivitamin is a physician-formulated, robust supplement made up of 33 key premium ingredients that help fill nutrient gaps to support your immune system, maintain energy production, sharpen brain cognition, and support the health of your heart and muscles.​​

Responsible Man was started by The Daily Wire in partnership with the guys over at Legacy Box because men’s health products suck, and we believe companies should focus on making the best versions of their products, not trying to indoctrinate you with the latest campaigns pushed by the “gender studies” majors. 

Order your Responsible Man Emerson Multivitamin now! The vitamins are delivered to you in an exceptional matte black aluminum tin, containing manly green vitamin capsules that are smooth, easy to take, and the best part: they are mint-essenced for a great smell and taste.

Leftist activists pushing “them” pronouns and gender madness are trying to soften men. We need men who will stand up to the insanity, but first, men need to take care of their own bodies. 

Keep your body healthy while also fighting the craziness of the Left by ordering from Responsible Man.  

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