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NYC Democrats working with NGOs to house illegals in apartments illegally converted into large-capacity shelters

  New York City Democrats are allegedly working with non-government organizations (NGOs) to  house illegal migrants in apartment buildings u...

 New York City Democrats are allegedly working with non-government organizations (NGOs) to house illegal migrants in apartment buildings unfit for residency as migrant shelters have become overcrowded.

In 2023, Mayor Eric Adams considered unconventional housing solutions to shelter illegal aliens and border crossers being bused to the Big Apple. He considered the utilization of shipping containers, tents, pre-fab homes on city streets, existing parking lots at stadiums and the repurposing of defunct medical facilities and prisons.

Aside from housing solutions, Adams also limits the duration migrant families with children stay in designated shelters to a maximum of 60 days and a 30-day limit for adult migrants. 

All this is because the Big Apple is already out of room for illegal migrants.

A citizen journalist reported that some Democrats are collaborating with landlords and NGOs to exploit the migrant crisis for financial gain. The report claims that taxpayer money is being used to fund these covert operations, turning illegal buildings into shelters that may pose serious risks to residents.

"What nobody's talking about is how the city is secretly paying slumlords millions to turn illegal buildings into shelters, which could be just as dangerous to the people who move in. And the conditions in some of these places are terrible. And experts think hundreds of these illegal operations could be all over town exploiting people," the citizen journalist said.

For instance, Ebou Saar, one of the many landlords who exploited the migrant crisis, housed dozens of illegal aliens from Africa in the basements of buildings in Richmond Hill in Queens and Fordham in the Bronx.

Saar had created illegal sleeping quarters in these properties, featuring tight spaces with limited ventilation, exits and bathrooms. Inspectors also discovered dozens of beds and cots on the first floor and in the cellars, along with e-bikes, space heaters and hot plates.

"We went in and found that there were individuals living in unsafe conditions. As we would with any New Yorker that we find living in an unsafe condition, we immediately vacated those locations and referred those individuals to additional resources," said Camille Joseph Varlack, chief of staff to Adams.

Saar tries to justify his actions for housing illegals

Adams said that Saar may have taken advantage of asylum seekers, questioning whether it was an act of benevolence or an attempt to gain benefits.

"I don't know if this was benevolence or if it was a benefit that he was trying to obtain," Adams stated.

Saar countered, claiming that the men approached him after their 30-day shelter stays ended and that most had nowhere else to go except the streets. He argued that he was providing a service to those who had been left without options.

"They're sleeping on the streets and they're giving them tickets. It's just sad. I was taking a donation, $300 donation monthly," he said.

Saar is still defending and justifying his actions whenever the city officials confront him with the accusations.

"Every day I talk to them. I've been running back and forth between Queens and the Bronx. They have nowhere to go... Back home, when you have a store, you can live in your store. That's the way it is over there. We are helping ourselves because they're not helping us," said Saar.

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