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Jeremy Boreing Says Theaters Won’t Touch ‘Lady Ballers’ Because Hollywood Has Made Transgenderism Its Religion

  The Left and Hollywood don’t want any part of films that criticize radical gender theory because transgenderism has become the pinnacle of...

 The Left and Hollywood don’t want any part of films that criticize radical gender theory because transgenderism has become the pinnacle of their religion, Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing said Tuesday. 

Boreing joined Patrick Bet-David on the PBD Podcast Tuesday morning, where they discussed The Daily Wire’s venture into entertainment after the trailer for its first-ever feature-length comedy “Lady Ballers” came out on Monday. “Lady Ballers” mocks the recent and controversial phenomenon of men competing in women’s sports and is being described as the “most triggering comedy of the year.” Bet-David said the movie looks “very good,” and Boreing was asked about the possibility of “Lady Ballers” screening in theaters if it has a successful debut on DailyWire+. 

Boreing, the film’s director, said “it won’t” go to theaters because Hollywood doesn’t want to touch a film that criticizes radical gender theory. 

“This is the religious issue of our time for the Left,” The Daily Wire co-founder said. “This represents the culmination of their religious beliefs, so when we went to theatrical distributors, [they] were not even going to engage in the conversation.” 

“I think the film would do very well in theaters; in fact, I think that it would outkick its coverage in theaters because right now, theaters are in trouble,” Boreing continued. “Disney bombed at the box office this weekend. Almost every film since the pandemic has done poorly at the box office with precious few exceptions.” 

After The Daily Wire delved into filmmaking, Boreing said that a top agent at the United Talent Agency (UTA), which represents actors and artists in the entertainment industry, said it was interested in working with The Daily Wire. 

Boreing said the agent told him there was a good opportunity to work together, but he had one stipulation, telling Boreing, “You gotta back off this trans issue.” The UTA agent added that he doesn’t care where the company stands of political issues such as abortion, taxes, and who to vote for, but asked The Daily Wire to stop addressing transgenderism, according to Boreing. 


“Lady Ballers” tells the story of one down-on-his-luck former high school basketball coach, Rob, who will do anything to win — which in this case means teaching his team of men radical modern gender theory and leading them to identify as women in order to brutally dominate multiple women’s sports. The movie will be available to DailyWire+ members beginning this Friday, December 1, at 8:00 p.m. EST.

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