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WATCH: Jim Jordan Schools Public Health “Expert,” Shows Her Who Is Really In Charge (VIDEO)

  In a Congressional hearing,   Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH)   questioned Public Health “Expert”, Dr. Beth Resnick from John Hopkins Univer...

 In a Congressional hearing, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) questioned Public Health “Expert”, Dr. Beth Resnick from John Hopkins University, about the powers of public health officials. As we’ve seen from unelected public health officials like Dr. Fauci it seems they believe there are no limits to what they can do.

It is quite clear that this “expert” believes that there are almost no limitations on public health officials in a state of “emergency.” Resnick dodges questions from Congressman Jim Jordan for about five minutes as he schools her on how our system really works. 

“Dr. Resnick, in your testimony, your written testimony, you stress that public health emergency authority is essential and the power of public health officials, state and local public health officials in making decisions. Should there be limits on the emergency powers of public health officials?” Jordan questions.

To which Dr. Resnick responds that there should be “checks and balances” without being specific at all.

Jordan pressed her on this issue asking Resnick to tell him “what those checks and balances should be.”

Resnick goes on to list a bunch of guidelines that seem relatively internal to the public health officials like if the measure taken by public health officials are the “least restrictive possible to achieve our public health goal.” However, Resnick never mentions anything about any other authority over unelected public health officials. This is when Jordan lays into her and tells her that elected officials have authority over unelected bureaucrats.

“That’s how our system works. People who put their names on the ballot to make the decisions for the people they represent, not someone who’s unelected. So the check should come from the elected body.” Jordan stated.

This seems to be the way that mosts liberals act when in the line of questions, they act oblivious to how our system works and use buzzwords that ignore reality. It’s a shame they keep getting away with it.

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