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College food service worker speaks Japanese to Asian-American student — and microaggression is reported to campus bias team

It appears a campus food service worker at the University of Minnesota may have been guilty of extending the wrong kind of friendly gree...

It appears a campus food service worker at the University of Minnesota may have been guilty of extending the wrong kind of friendly greeting to a student last fall.

What happened?

Seems that an Asian American student happened upon a restaurant in the Coffman Memorial Union for a snack — and a food service worker at the register uttered something that left the student clueless, the College Fix said.

The confused student wondered what the worker meant, the outlet said, and the worker replied that the utterance was "hello" in Japanese.
To make matters apparently more uncomfortable, the worker asked where the student was from, the Fix reported.

Oh boy.

Umm, not Japan

"Wisconsin," the student replied, according to the outlet.
The Fix said the cashier laughed and told the student to have a nice day — but instead of also laughing off the faux pas, the student took action.

I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record

In fact, the outlet said the student reported the cashier to the campus Bias Response and Referral Network, saying "these type of microaggressions occur too often on campus" and "this implicit bias needs to be addressed."

With that, the Fix said that the bias team referred the incident to dining services and referred the complaining student to the campus "Ethical Advocate Program" in case the student wanted "to talk further about the experience."

The outlet said it recently obtained a University of Minnesota bias incident report through a public records act request, noting that there were 51 such reports filed last fall. All personal identifying information on the documents were redacted, the Fix added.


  1. This is incredibly STOOPID! What is wrong with people these days? I mean, come on! No one meant any harm, or insult. Sheesh!

  2. Someone clarify this for me...

    A student of Asian descent appropriated my culture and my language, and then felt it was an insult that someone might think he was Japanese --- but he's the victim and the person serving him is the racist?

    Perhaps the reason they call them "micro-aggressions" is that someone has to suffer from micro-cephaly to be insulted by them. No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up!

  3. absolutely right to the first two comments. What were the parents of these millennials doing when they could have been parenting? Ordering more blue-ribbons so that each under five year old could feel 'safe'? Total failure. What can one expect when child-parent time was a kid being wheeling around through a shopping mall? Perhaps that contributed to these millennials mostly being stuck in a 3-4 year old emotional landscape

  4. To answer your question read Dr. Jonathan Haidt's and Greg Lukianoff's 2018 book, The Coddling of the American Mind. Young Americans are -- to put it colloquially -- Snowflakes.

  5. The snowflakes are gonna find the real world is HARD on idiots like them.... even McDonald's and BK won't hire degree or no college degree...

  6. Yeah, they just may hide in their mom's basement forever and never come out ever again....or hang themselves...or both...

  7. You may NOT say anything to the privileged Morons. They are above you and anything you say WILL be held against you. You didn't address the Perfectly Correct person using the correct description of the day? You are a scumbag Homophobe! How dare you not observe the feelings of the new Elite who can change Genders faster than you could flip a pancake.

    Say something casual, like "Where ya from?" That is certainly Racist. A Person of Colour should not have to
    be subjected to questioning by a lowly White Person, especially a Male.

    White People need to go to re-education camps where they WILL learn all 70-plus Genders and how to use them when encountering a Superior Being such as a Snowflake, a Feminazi, an Anarchist, Antifa Communist, Tranny, LGBTQWKCOZ+P Person, Soy Boy, Cucks, ah shit, I can't remember them all.

    Safe to say, White Privilege is over. Welcome to the new Privilege. Now bend over...

  8. What they will find in the Real World is it sucks to be useless and stoopid!


  9. The guy may not be of Japanese decent but even being born in Wisconsin you gotta be like 90 iq to think that his family doesn't speak there native language. Ive come into contact with countless families where everyone knew english but around the family spoke a different language.

  10. This was a shocking attack on a student's tender sensibilities.
    Snowflakes of the world must unite against fascist oppression.