A fifth grader refused to recite Pledge of Allegiance. What the teacher responded got her fired.

A former substitute teacher for the Salem-Keizer School District in Salem, Oregon, is looking for another job after she reportedly made a racially charged comment to a student that was refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

"We're really disappointed with what happened yesterday at Swegle Elementary," said district spokeswoman Lillian Govus to KATU-TV.

The substitute teacher allegedly told fifth-grader Steven Zendejas, "If you don't want to sing, go back to Mexico," said the boy.
Liliana Ruiz, the mother of the boy, said that her son was born in the U.S. and is a legal citizen.
"That comment that a substitute made to my son is not appreciated for any of my family members or myself," she added.

Zendejas said he asked to be excused to the bathroom after the incident happened, but instead went to the principal's office to tell them what happened.
The reaction was swift.
The district says the teacher won't be allowed to teach at any of the schools in the district any longer.
"We pride ourselves on being a safe and welcoming school district," Govus added. "What that substitute said to that student doesn't align with our values."
A fifth grader refused to recite Pledge of Allegiance. What the teacher responded got her fired. A fifth grader refused to recite Pledge of Allegiance. What the teacher responded got her fired. Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 03:39 Rating: 5


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