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Leftists call for Biden to order U.S. military to ASSASSINATE Trump before he wins November election

  The political left in the United States  is suffering  a collective meltdown after the Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump and all other...

 The political left in the United States is suffering a collective meltdown after the Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump and all other ex-presidents are immune from criminal prosecution for all "official acts" they committed while they were public servants.

A parody image tweeted by "Max Kennerly" (@MaxKennerly) depicted the editorial board of the New York Times calling for Joe Biden to "serve his country" by launching a "drone strike" on Trump – "In full compliance with the Supreme Court's ruling," Kennerly captioned the image.

Another X user by the name of "Bradley P. Moss" (@BradMossEsq) announced to his followers and ultimately to the world that the Supreme Court ruling "just gave Biden unequivocal immunity to order the military to take action against Trump ... Today. Right now."

Then there was "Aaron Rupar" (@atrupar) who tweeted that Biden should simply cancel the election and order the U.S. military to keep himself in power as that would constitute an "official act."

How about "Dash Dobrofsky" (@DashDobrofsky) who "strongly" encouraged Biden on X "to take advantage of his absolute immunity (as) lawfully granted by Trump's Supreme Court Justice ... to do whatever 'official acts' he needs to do in order to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President."

"Harry Sisson" (@harryjsisson) actually called on Biden to send Seal Team 6 "to take all of them out," referring to Trump and his friends and supporters.

"[Biden] could send in the military to take out Trump," Sisson added. "He has 'immunity' for official acts now!" 

"David Aaronovitch" (DAaronovitch) flat-out called for the assassination of Trump:

"If I was Biden I'd hurry up and have Trump murdered on the basis that he is a threat to America's security #SCOTUS."

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