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Exclusive: Battleground Poll Shows Biden Tanking In Key States After Disastrous Debate

  Democrats in a number of key states are running behind their Republican opponents as President   Joe Biden   struggles to contain the fall...

 Democrats in a number of key states are running behind their Republican opponents as President Joe Biden struggles to contain the fallout from last week’s presidential debate, according to a new poll obtained exclusively by The Daily Wire.

Polls results from Remington Research across Arizona, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin show Republicans largely leading their Democratic opponents. The results suggest that Biden’s electoral struggles have been exacerbated by larger issues within the Democratic Party, such as a regulatory attack on gas, diesel, and hybrid vehicles in favor of electric.

Remington polled voters across each state from June 29 through July 1, coming up with results with a margin of error of 4 points. In each state, Trump is leading Biden by between three points (Michigan) and 20 points (Montana).

The results also show Democrats across each state losing at least a plurality of voters to Republicans running for the U.S. House. Polling for the Senate is mixed, with the Democrats leading in Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and Republicans leading in Montana and Texas. Senate races in Arizona and Wisconsin are tied.

The poll also covers voters’ opinions on a generalized push to ban or limit the manufacture of new gas and diesel-powered vehicles, as well as hybrid vehicles. Legislation and regulatory pushes in about a dozen states and by the Biden administration seek to promote the manufacture of electric vehicles. Voters sided overwhelmingly against the new rules, according to the poll.


“Democrats are either ignoring or failing to grasp that it’s far more than a bad debate performance that is unpopular with voters. It has been and continues to be the extreme policies of the Biden-Harris Administration that is their largest vulnerability, such as their radical mandate to ban gas-powered vehicles,” Republican political strategist Chris Pack told The Daily Wire in a statement.

While the results for voters’ opinions between major party candidates were mostly within the margin of error, voters’ opinions across each state on the anti-fossil fuel policies were not. Voters responded overwhelmingly against the climate policies applied to vehicle manufacturing. Roughly 60% of voters in each state said they opposed the regulations, while roughly 20% supported them. Another roughly 20% in each state responded that they were unsure.

A large majority of voters in each state said that such policies are either somewhat or very important in deciding who to vote for.

The poll asked respondents on their pick for the U.S. presidential election between major party candidates Trump and Biden, as well as independents Robert Kennedy and Cornell West, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Trump leads Biden in all states polled: Arizona 49% to 42%, Michigan 45% to 42%, Montana 56% to 36%, Nevada 47% to 40%, Ohio 51% to 41%, Pennsylvania 48% to 43%, Texas 49% to 39%, and Wisconsin 49% to 43%.

The results are in line with other attempts by pollsters to gauge voters’ opinions after the first presidential debate of 2024 last week. Biden appeared feeble and, at times, incomprehensible on stage next to Trump on Thursday evening. At one point during the debate, Biden claimed: “We finally beat Medicare.”

The performance has sparked a wave of backlash against the president from within his own party and from political commentators who have suggested Biden lacks the mental acuity to run for reelection. Voters, too, have responded harshly to the president’s Thursday night debate, with 80% saying the president is too old to run for a second term, according to a Wall Street Journal poll released on Wednesday.

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