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Biden REFUSING to step down even though Democrats want another candidate

  The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is  plotting to silence internal party dissent over the matter by calling for Joe Biden to be nomi...

 The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is plotting tosilence internal party dissent over the matter by calling for Joe Biden to be nominated early for the Democrat ticket this fall.

As early as mid-July, Biden could be selected in secret to occupy the November ballot line for president in opposition to intra-party efforts to select someone else to take the 81-year-old faux-president's place.

To select someone new to replace Biden this late in the game would be "unprecedented," according to two experts who wrote a piece for TIME following Biden's "disastrous" debate performance against Donald Trump.

The DNC's biggest concern appears to be the swing state of Ohio which has a fast-approaching August 7 deadline for candidates to be certified. If Biden can be fast-tracked for selection before this date, then there will be no way to replace him with someone younger and presumably more mentally able to lead the country.

Right now, the selection date for Biden's nomination is scheduled for a virtual vote on July 21, according to people familiar with the matter who reportedly spoke on the condition of anonymity.


Trump could be imprisoned as Biden gets force-nominated early

Interestingly enough, Trump's sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 11. This means the former president could be imprisoned at the same time as Biden's fast-tracked nomination. 

July 21 is also three days after Trump is scheduled to accept the Republican Party's nomination at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee – the DNC's gathering will be nearby in Chicago.

In case you missed it, Biden bombed the debates as many expected he would. He bumbled around in a frail and confused manner while mumbling nonsense and apparently losing his train of thought multiple times. The DNC is said to be panicked in the debate's aftermath as they come to grips with the fact that they are pushing a geriatric patient with mental health problems as their chosen candidate.

"The nomination process in such a rushed contest may prove to be so divisive that the party could be worse off," the TIME experts warned about the DNC's panicked reaction to the situation.

No matter how you slice it, Democrats have "no clear frontrunner" for their party's nomination. Were they to replace Biden with Kamala Harris, she would fare "far worse" than Biden himself, polls show.

The only other possible candidates Democrats have are Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, both of whom come with "drawbacks" that would make it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to successfully install them into the White House.

Biden and his team have repeatedly indicated no plans to drop him from the ticket, though media reports are suggesting that Democrats recognize that Biden cannot even win let alone function properly for another four-year term.

"Now is the perfect time for an independent third option to emerge," an RT commenter wrote. "Just because it is unprecedented doesn't mean a thing. Their current choices are no choices at all."

"The deep state will love the opportunity to demonstrate its power and manufacture a new savior candidate out of nothing," suggested another. "All the media will be brought into line. All the social media. All the internet providers. It will be a deep state tour de force. A coup. Big Brother's magnum opus."

Another joked that surely Democrats can conjure up more "brain-dead, nappy-wearing politicians" to replace "the big guy."

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