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Joe Biden allegedly admitted to key allies that he has only days to salvage his candidacy

  President Joe Biden has allegedly confided to key allies that he knows  he may not salvage his candidacy if he fails to convince the publi...

 President Joe Biden has allegedly confided to key allies that he knows he may not salvage his candidacy if he fails to convince the public of his capabilities in the coming days after a disastrous debate performance on June 27.

The two anonymous allies, who have privately spoken with Biden, reveal that the president is still deeply committed to the campaign for his reelection bid but understands that his viability as a candidate is at stake.  

In line with that, the allies claim that Biden is completely aware that all his upcoming appearances must go well. Biden and his allies view this moment as an opportunity for a comeback, much like he has achieved multiple times throughout his half-century career.

Additionally, the other ally, a senior adviser to the president, said that Biden is "well aware of the political challenge he faces." They also acknowledge that Biden is fully aware of the challenge ahead in persuading voters, donors and the political establishment that his debate performance was an anomaly and not a disqualifying factor. So, the adviser stated that Biden understands the outcome of his campaign may not align with his efforts.

But despite all this acknowledgment, his allies claim that Biden still firmly views his debate performance as a poor show rather than an indication of his ability to serve another four years. Biden believes he is still an effective and mentally sharp leader and he is perplexed by others not recognizing this. 

Biden meets with Democratic leaders as White House works to shore up support for his reelection

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has refuted the claims. Jean-Pierre said the president directly informed her that he never discussed dropping out of the race with any allies.

"That is absolutely false," she said while dismissing the rumors about Biden stepping down from the race.

White House Deputy Press Secretary and Deputy Assistant to the President Andrew Bates echoed a similar statement on X. "That claim is absolutely false. If the New York Times had provided us with more than 7 minutes to comment we would have told them so," he posted.

A day after the allegations, Biden convened with 20 Democratic governors at the White House to shore up their support for him staying in the race. He and the governors allegedly strategized for what the Democrats can do following his disastrous debate performance.

"Yes, he's fit for office," Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz told reporters outside the White House following the meeting. "None of us are denying Thursday night was a bad performance. It was a bad hit, if you will, on that, but it doesn't impact what I believe, that he's delivering."

"We were honest about the concerns that we were hearing from people," Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said. "And we were also honest about the fact that, as the president continued to tell us and show us that he was all in, that we said we would stand with him."

"I feel very confident in his abilities, we talked about the plan, and how he's going to be very focused on issues that matter to Americans. And I felt very confident coming out of this meeting as well," New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said.

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