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Actress Lea DeLaria calls on Biden to ASSASSINATE Trump: “This is a war”

  Another Hollywood windbag  suffered a social media meltdown  this week following the Supreme Court's executive immunity ruling. Actres...

 Another Hollywood windbag suffered a social media meltdown this week following the Supreme Court's executive immunity ruling.

Actress and "professional lesbian" Lea DeLaria, 66, uploaded a hate-filled video speech to Instagram calling on Joe Biden to take advantage of the ruling by assassinating Donald Trump, whom she described as a genocidal dictator.

"Trump is Hitler, and this is 1940," DeLaria wrote, apparently confused about identities and dates. "Take him the **** out."

Many Trump haters are under the impression that the Supreme Court's ruling allows Biden, in theory, to assassinate Trump as an "official act" of office, that way Biden is immune from prosecution for murdering the former president.

"Joe, you're a reasonable man," DeLaria added in a post that as of this writing has about 9,000 likes. "You don't want to do this. But here's the reality: This is a *******war. This is a war now, and we are fighting for our ******* country. And these ******** are going to take it away. They're going to take it away."

DeLaria proceeded to mock the conservative justices on the court who voted in favor of the immunity provision, including Supreme Court Justice Clarence "Uncle" Thomas, as she denigratingly called him using racist language.

"Joe, you now have the right to take that ***** Trump out. Take him out, Joe. If he was Hitler, and this was 1940, would you take him out? Well, he is Hitler ... Take him the **** out! Blow him up, or they'll blow us up. Facts." eaturing lab-tested, certified organic, non-GMO foods and nutritional solutions.

DeLaria had a meltdown in 2016, too

DeLaria continued her hateful rant in the comments on her post, warning again that this is a "war" and that "they will destroy us," referring to Trump and his supporters.

"They only want power ... like all tyrants," she said. "****THEM!!! And if any of you ******** wanna death threat me like you have been doing for my entire life, bring it on *****. I'm Sicilian, I know how to play that game."

DeLaria's video did not go over so well with social media users, most of whom called her out for her hatred.

"Did you just publicly call for the president of the United States to murder his political opponent?" one asked. "If you want 3rd world stuff to happen, move to a third world country."

This is hardly the first time that DeLaria has made her hatred from Trump and his supporters known on social media. Back in 2016 after Trump won the election, DeLaria posted that she wanted to "pick up a baseball bat and take out every ******* Republican and Independent I see."

Others wrote that DeLaria is guilty of "domestic terrorism" for her post, which has not yet been flagged or removed as hateful content that violates Instagram's community guidelines.

"You're kidding me right????" asked another. "This country is in shambles and the normal working Americans are struggling, but of course those of you in hollyweird don't live in reality."

Another tagged the FBI and asked if anything is being done to investigate DeLari for "inciting violent acts on a former sitting president."

"Shouldn't content like this be taken down and this person banned?" someone else asked of Instagram.

"Secret Service should pay her a big, beautiful visit for making threats against President Trump," said another, noting that DeLaria is one of those people who "preach peace, love, equality, etc. – but only if you agree with them since they are unhinged weirdos."

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