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WATCH: Rachel Morin’s Mother Slams Biden Regime’s Shameful Response to Daughter’s Murder by Illegal Alien: “THEY DON’T VALUE LIFE”

  Patty Morin Joins The Ingrahm Angle to discuss the Biden Administration’s response to her daughter’s murder by an illegal immigrant. Patty...


Patty Morin Joins The Ingrahm Angle to discuss the Biden Administration’s response to her daughter’s murder by an illegal immigrant.

Patty Morin, the mother of Rachel Morin and grandmother of Rachel’s five children, came out with a stark condemnation of the Biden Regime’s “impersonal” response to her daughter’s murder in an interview with Fox host Laura Ingrahm.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas recently appeared on CNN to defend Biden’s border bloodbath and deny responsibility for the murderous illegals who he welcomed into our country. When asked about the Rachel Morin on CNN, Mayorkas wouldn’t even use her name, referring to her as “the individual who was murdered.”  They don’t care about American women and children who are being murdered and sexually assaulted by their violent thugs.

Patty reacted to Mayorkas’ comment, saying, “It totally depersonalizes her and makes her an object.” She continued, It just shows how impersonal that they are, and it also shows how they don’t value life.”

Watch the full interview below.

An illegal alien from El Salvador was charged with brutally raping and murdering Rachel Morin, a mother-of-five, on a Maryland hiking trail last year. Victor Martinez-Hernandez, 23, was arrested for the murder in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last Friday.

Martinez-Hernandez, who has ties to El Salvadoran gangs and was implicated in at least one other murder, entered the US illegally in February 2023 on Joe Biden’s open border invitation.

Additionally, Earlier this week, two Venezuelan men were arrested for 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray’s murder in Houston, Texas, after reportedly abducting her, strangling her, and dumping her body in a bayou. Houston authorities are reportedly still investigating whether Nungary was sexually assaulted before her death.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, the White House released two nearly identical statements on the savage murders of Morin and Nungaray by illegal aliens, with only minor changes to each.


"We extend our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Rachel Morin. We cannot comment on active law enforcement cases. But fundamentally, we believe that people should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law if they are found to be guilty," the White House said while refusing to condemn the violent rapist and murderer that was in the United States illegally.

Watch below via Fox:

Ingrahm: When you hear Rachel referred to as “the individual” by the Secretary of Homeland Security, what is your reaction?

Morin: My reaction is that it's a completely political statement because they're not even willing to acknowledge that she was a female, that she was a mother, a daughter. It totally depersonalizes her, and makes her an object.

Ingrahm: Patty, have you heard from any official in the Biden Administration about your daughter and your loss?

Morin: No, ma'am. No one's contacted me personally. And, as far as I know, no one has reached out and contacted anybody in the family.

Ingrahm: What's your message to President Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, his DHS Secretary? Rachel's name, not used, her life not recognized. What's your message tonight to them?

Morin: My message is that these are American citizens. These are the people that help to strengthen our country. These are the men and women that keep our country going, our economy going, our families, our churches. This is the backbone of America, us Americans, and to not even acknowledge that my daughter is a person, or that she's a female, or that she's a mother, like to categorize her as a statistic— it just shows how impersonal that they are, and it also shows how they don't value life.

Ingrahm: How are you doing? How is your family doing? What do you need?

Morin: It's been so very hard. I think I need rest. I think we all need rest. We need to cry. The emotions go up and down because we still have to live our life. We still have to go to work. We still have to get the kids to school. You know, during school, like we still have to do our daily things. But at the same time, it never leaves our mind that Rachel's gone because of all the things that we do in our life that she was a part of. So, we're constantly reminded of Rachel, and it just makes you feel so sad because there's such a hole in our family. And then, when we heard that they had apprehended a suspect, there was a sense of relief, but before that, we all lived in fear because, you know, fear feeds on the unknown. And if you don't know who the person is, where they come from, are they still here in the area. Because we didn't have any of those details. It wasn't easy even to like take a breath, and just kind of allow yourself to relax and rest a little bit. So, it's been very hard, so very hard.

Thank you for having us on. I really appreciate it. And if I may, because we don't know where this person has been these last 10 months, just if anybody has had any contact with them, if they could reach out to the local sheriff department here, just so they could put in the final puzzle pieces.

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