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Illegal Alien Smuggler Leads Texas DPS on High Speed Pursuit, Drives on Wrong Side of the Road, Bails Out (VIDEO)

  Joe Biden’s America. Texas DPS  arrested a smuggling suspect of 4 illegal aliens earlier this week in  Laredo , in Webb County. The DPS we...


Joe Biden’s America.

Texas DPS arrested a smuggling suspect of 4 illegal aliens earlier this week in Laredo, in Webb County. The DPS were lead on a high-speed chase while the suspect was driving on the wrong side of the road at one point.

After stopping the car, the suspect ran off leading DPS on a short foot chase. He was arrested and the 4 illegal aliens were turned over to the Border Patrol. Under Operation Lone Star, the state of Texas has cracked down on illegal aliens.


Earlier this month, Texas DPS pursued a vehicle in Webb County that was full of illegals being driven by a smuggler. During the pursuit, the illegals were jumping out of the vehicle when it slowed down, fleeing into the neighborhood.


Earlier this month, DPS also found illegal aliens in the trunk of a car during a traffic stop in Brooks County.


Since January 2021, an estimated 10 to 12 million illegal aliens have entered the US. Some estimates are upward of 15 million.

That number equals about the population of 41 individual states.

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