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Two Women Share How Overturning Roe Saved Their Babies Ahead Of Ruling’s Anniversary

  Two women shared this week their stories of how overturning   Roe v. Wade   saved their babies ahead of the second anniversary of the Supr...

 Two women shared this week their stories of how overturning Roe v. Wade saved their babies ahead of the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling next week.

The two mothers joined Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America for a video press call on Thursday ahead of June 24, the anniversary of the landmark Dobbs decision, which reversed nearly 50 years of legal abortion nationwide.

One mother, Ashley, described how she and her husband, Dusty, struggled to have children but were able to adopt their one-year-old son, Jacob, after his birth mother decided against having an abortion.

Jacob’s birth mother had attempted to obtain an abortion at a Planned Parenthood in Florida when she was six months pregnant, but the state’s 15-week abortion ban prevented her from doing so, and she decided to continue her pregnancy, Ashley said.

“Just three months later my husband and I received a call that we’ll never forget. We were told a baby boy had just been born, and his mother had chosen us as his adoptive parents,” Ashley said. “My husband and I are beyond grateful, thankful, and appreciative to Jacob’s birth mother for her sacrificial decision and her courage in pursuing adoption.”

“Without the Supreme Court’s decision, Florida’s pro-life law, and her willingness to choose life rather than pursue abortion elsewhere, our little family and our special almost two-year-old baby boy would not be alive today,” she added. “This Dobbs anniversary marks two years of babies whose lives have been saved, with one of those being Jacob’s.”

“Jacob not only has a big heart. He is also gentle and kind. He is full of innocence and purity. He loves Jesus, people, and anything trucks related,” Dusty said.

Another mother, Neesha, smiled as she described how Georgia’s heartbeat law saved the life of her baby boy, whom she gave up for adoption after initially considering abortion.

“My baby is adopted, and he’s thriving. I got a chance to see him. Last week was his one-year birthday,” Neesha said. “I got to choose the parents.”

“I’ve never seen a baby so happy,” she said. “They do everything I wish that I had the time to do. The way they love him and nurture him and care for him. They support him, they uplift him, they are encouraging to him.”

Neesha added that she does not think adoption is discussed enough. The organizations that help moms are not promoted as much as abortion, she said. If she could do it over, she said, she would not have chosen a different path for her baby.

“I hope the heartbeat law goes into effect across America because I think a lot of people do not understand the importance of carrying your child and making sure that baby has a life,” Neesha said. “Whether you’re able to provide for the child or not it doesn’t give you the right to terminate your pregnancy just because of your situation at the moment because situations can change.”

“I believe that there’s help out there,” she added. “There are genuine people who actually care about not just the baby but the mother as well, making sure that she is okay during pregnancy and follow up after.”


“It’s women like you that make it possible for us,” one-year-old Jacob’s father Dusty told Neesha on the call.

The Dobbs case dealt with a 2018 Mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks.

In 2020, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch filed an appeal of the Fifth Circuit’s decision that brought the case to the Supreme Court.

“It’s really hard to believe that it’s been two years,” Fitch said during Thursday’s video call. “Two years since the court let loose its hold on this abortion policy-making and gave it back to the people.”

“This Mississippi Dobbs case was a victory for women and children across our country,” Fitch said.

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