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‘A Clear Edge In Endurance Sports’: Sen. John Kennedy Delivers Gender Biology Lesson

  Senator   John Kennedy   (R-LA) delivered a lesson in biology on Wednesday, explaining in scientific terms why biological males had an unf...

 Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) delivered a lesson in biology on Wednesday, explaining in scientific terms why biological males had an unfair advantage over females when it came to athletics.

Kennedy ran through a list of physical differences that made males — particularly after puberty — predisposed to perform better when it came to sports. “Girls’ lungs are 12% smaller than boys’ lungs. Their hearts are 14% smaller. That gives boys a clear edge in endurance sports.”


“Swimming, for example. Cycling. Rowing,” Kennedy continued. “Girls develop a wider pelvis. That decreases the amount of force their legs exert when they’re lifting, when they’re kicking, when they’re pedaling. That’s another relative disadvantage vis-a-vis boys or men. When you compare female athletes to their male counterparts.”

Kennedy went on to add that boys typically had broader shoulders and explained “that allows them to make more space for upper body muscle mass and gives them a decided advantage when competing against a girl.”

“It’s hard to think — I can’t think of a sport in which a higher muscle-to-fat ratio isn’t helpful,” Kennedy concluded. “The average boy will grow five inches taller than the average girl, that’s just a fact. Even when men and women are the same height, men have higher levels of bone density, which helps them move more forcefully and escape more injuries.”


Former collegiate swimmer and women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines responded to Kennedy’s post, saying, “A sitting US Senator has to explain the physical differences between girls and boys to other sitting US Senators … what a time to be an American.”

“Honestly it’s ‘1984’ that we have to say these things, what’s happened to people’s brains that they can ignore basic biology? There are 2 gametes. One large (female) one small (sperm) there is NO 3rd sex & humans can’t change sex! This is all fact. Even if u don’t like it,” Sharron Davies added.

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