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New Intelligence Discovery Involving Iran’s Nuclear Program Sparks Meeting Between U.S., Israel

  U.S. and Israeli officials reportedly met on Thursday to discuss a new intelligence discovery involving the Islamic   Republic of Iran’s  ...

 U.S. and Israeli officials reportedly met on Thursday to discuss a new intelligence discovery involving the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear capabilities that one expert warns could “upend” the U.S.’ assessment about what Iran is up to.

U.S. and Israeli officials told Axios that new information has been uncovered that shows Iranian nuclear scientists are using computer modeling that could be used to develop a nuclear weapon.

The news comes as Iran has rapidly amassed large stockpiles of enriched uranium and increased the number of advanced centrifuges that is has — which can be used to build nuclear weapons — because of President Joe Biden’s weak foreign policy.

The report said that the new development about the computer modeling raised “suspicion” and “concern” that Iran could be shifting its position to building nuclear weapons. Both Israel and the United States have vowed to stop Iran from ever being able to obtain nuclear weapons.

Israeli officials said that after the intelligence failure that led to the October 7 massacre, the country is now taking every piece of evidence regarding threats toward the country much more seriously, especially when it comes to Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Israeli officials warned last year that they had discovered evidence suggesting  

Richard Goldberg, senior adviser at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington-based nonpartisan national security think tank, said that the new intelligence could change America’s assessment about Iran’s nuclear program.

“For years now, the intelligence community has assessed Iran is not actively working to build a nuclear weapon, that it might be building out the assembly line for fissile material, but that we had no indication of active weaponization work,” said Goldberg, who worked in the Trump administration as director for Countering Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction for the White House National Security Council. “If true, this would upend that assessment and suggest Iran has a shorter runway to a bomb than previously reported.”

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