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The Border Crisis: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

  “We are a nation of immigrants.” “These people come willing to do the jobs Americans aren’t.” “They are refugees escaping hostile environm...


“We are a nation of immigrants.” “These people come willing to do the jobs Americans aren’t.” “They are refugees escaping hostile environments seeking asylum.” These are just a few of the talking points you have heard from Democrat politicians when asked about the disaster that is the southern border. At least, that was before the issue came to their front door.

Since the Biden administration has been in power, the amount of migrants crossing the southern border has increased immensely and continues to rise with no end in sight.

States like Arizona and Texas have to face this issue the best they possibly can, given the lack of assistance from Democrats and the federal government. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken matters into his own hands by sending busloads of migrants to cities all across the country.


What do these cities have in common? They are almost all under Democratic rule and self described as “sanctuary cities.” A perfect example would be New York City, run by Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The New York Mess
The cluttered NYC sidewalk leading up to The Roosevelt Hotel

The state of New York has become another example of failed policy that will, in the end, impact the lives of its citizens in a severely dangerous way. In typical political fashion, an issue concerning the lives of American citizens, as well as those crossing the border, has become nothing more than a blame game.

The NYC Mayor who has stated proudly in the past that NYC would welcome these migrants with open arms, is now singing a different tune. If it wasn’t enough that the Mayor of New York City was boldly stating to send migrants to their areas of jurisdiction, the Governor saw her opportunity to score political points as well.

Both Adams and Hochul are now calling for the Biden administration to offer more federal support for the issue. What is to be expected? Will these migrants be sent back to where they came from? No. Instead, you can expect to see them showing up to your local hotel or motel by the busload.

In an investigation I initiated while at Project Veritas, it was discovered that Mayor Eric Adams and his administration have been brokering deals with hotel owners in upstate New York to house the influx of migrants showing up in NYC.

This has led to local New York government officials taking legal action to prevent the shipping of these migrants into their communities. With the current standard operating procedures of US Customs and Border Protection, it is quite easy for migrants to make their way into the United States without a proper and thorough background check.

Citizens of these communities truly do not know who is being sent into their neighborhoods and whether or not they have a dangerous history. According to data from US Customs and Border Protection, there has been a drastic increase in illegal activity being committed by illegal aliens since 2021.

The State of the Historic Roosevelt Hotel

What better place to house the influx of migrants coming to New York City than the once great and historic Roosevelt Hotel. Having opened and thrived in the roaring 20’s, this iconic hotel is hosting a new tier of guests.

The sidewalks and streets leading up to the hotel entrances have been cluttered with strollers, migrants and their belongings. A Roosevelt Hotel security guard said, they “got them (the migrants) inside, so no more media.”

This individual working security at the hotel went on to say that they are swamped with migrants and they have more coming in everyday. “Whatever you see on there (the internet), it’s real.”

NYC Emergency Management Commissioner Zachary Iscol taking questions from the press outside The Roosevelt Hotel (11/16/23)

The same day the security guard spoke to me, 11/16/23, NYC Emergency Management Commissioner Zachary Iscol spoke to the media in front of the hotel about the current status of the migrants in the hotel.

Not much was said about the pending cuts to the cities budget that would effectively reduce the cities ability to offer services to the migrants. Ironically, the city’s budget cuts are happening in part to the fact that they have had to spend millions of dollars on migrant services already.

Kayla Mamalek, the Deputy Press Secretary to Mayor Eric Adams, has yet to respond to my request for comment on how New York City plans on moving forward regarding the migrant issue.

Ardsley Motel Status
View of the Ardsley Motel from the North/South County Trailway

It has been previously reported that migrants have been bussed to various locations in Westchester and Rockland County. Locations in Westchester include hotels in Yonkers, White Plains and Ardsley. The Ardsley Acres Hotel Court, located at 560 Saw Mill River Pkwy, Ardsley, NY, has been the home of migrants since June 2023.

This dilapidated motel is located right off the North-South County Trailway which is heavy with foot traffic in the warmer seasons. Now, more than 50 migrants are currently staying at the motel and there are at least 2 security guards stationed at the motel. After asking one of the security guards if they are seeing more migrants coming to the motel, they said, “Not here, because they’re full.” They also said, “I don’t know how they are keeping track of them all.”

The motel turned one of their rooms into an office where DocGo employees have set up their station. DocGo is the company NYC has contracted to organize the housing and services given to the illegal immigrants. DocGo, which has fallen under scrutiny for their lack of quality care for the migrants, is facing a class action lawsuit by their investors due to the negative press they have been receiving.

Westchester County officials have been touting themselves as the humanitarians whose first priority is the care these migrants have the right to receive, yet they have no plan nor infrastructure to back up their virtue signals. Instead, they collect their political points and kick the can.

A CharterUp bus and security guard booth in the parking lot of the Ardsley Motel in Westchester, NY
Why is this happening?

What we are witnessing is the outcome of a state stuck in one-party control and the controlling parties policies fail miserably. Many of these New York State communities have fallen victim to the policies of Albany and New York City.

Now, these failed policymakers are attempting to backtrack their support for open borders and sanctuary cities once the issue has come to their front door, but instead of being in support of closing the border and sending these potentially dangerous migrants back to their countries of origin, they instead decide to send them into communities that do not support the policies that have brought the migrants there in the first place.

Looking at the electoral map of the 2020 presidential election, 41 of the 62 counties in NYS voted majority republican. Now, many of these counties are facing the consequences of their overpowered counterparts. New York City, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo hold the fate of every NYS community in their hands. So far, they have failed.

What can be done?

It is up to every citizen living in communities impacted by the migrant crisis to contact their local representative and make sure they are hearing from their constituents. Go to your local town hall meetings and school board meetings, take a more active approach in your communities, or even run for local office. It is also important for everyone to know that they themselves have the ability to be journalists.

If you see an issue in your communities and want to hold your government officials accountable, what is stopping you from asking questions about it? Physically go to the location of the issue and just ask around. You may be surprised by what you find out. Then take that to your local government officials and ask them questions. These people need to feel the heat and pressure of the public otherwise they will think they can get away with anything and never have to answer for their decisions. To take back your country, it must start at home.

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