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REPORT: Tesla Robot Allegedly Suffers Malfunctions and ‘Attacks’ Engineer at Texas Factory, Leaving ‘Trail of Blood’

  A robotic “malfunction” at Tesla’s Giga Texas factory resulted in a violent encounter where an engineer was allegedly attacked by one of t...

 A robotic “malfunction” at Tesla’s Giga Texas factory resulted in a violent encounter where an engineer was allegedly attacked by one of the company’s robots, resulting in significant injuries and leaving a ‘trail of blood.’

According to the Daily Mail, while working on software programming for non-functional Tesla robots, the engineer was suddenly pinned against a surface by a robot tasked with manipulating aluminum car components, with its metal claws inflicted an injury that left an ‘open wound’ on the worker’s left hand.

“Two of the robots, which cut car parts from freshly cast pieces of aluminum, were disabled so the engineer and his teammates could safely work on the machines. A third one, which grabbed and moved the car parts, was inadvertently left operational, according to two people who watched it happen. As that robot ran through its normal motions, it pinned the engineer against a surface, pushing its claws into his body and drawing blood from his back and his arm, the two people said,” The Information reported.

Quick action was taken by Tesla workers who intervened and triggered the emergency shutdown button to halt the malfunctioning robot and prevent further injury to the engineer.

This incident came to light through a 2021 injury report filed to Travis County and federal regulators, which Daily Mail reviewed. Tesla is legally required to report such incidents to ensure the continuation of state-provided tax incentives.


Despite claims by Tesla that the engineer did not require time off following the event, an attorney representing the factory’s contract laborers suggests otherwise. Evidence hints at possible underreporting of workplace accidents, casting doubt on the official records.

Document from Tesla obtained by Daily Mail

Daily Mail reported:

The injury report, which Tesla must submit to authorities by law to maintain its lucrative tax breaks in Texas, claimed the engineer did not require time off of work.

But one attorney who represents Tesla’s Giga Texas contract workers has told she believes, based on her conversations with workers there, that the amount of injuries suffered at the factory is going underreported.

This underreporting, the attorney said, even included the September 28, 2021 death of a construction worker, who had been contracted to help build the factory itself.

‘My advice would be to read that report with a grain of salt,’ the attorney, Hannah Alexander of the nonprofit Workers Defense Project, told

‘We’ve had multiple workers who were injured,’ Alexander said, ‘and one worker who died, whose injuries or death are not in these reports that Tesla is supposed to be accurately completing and submitting to the county in order to get tax incentives.’

Elon Musk has yet to issue a formal statement in response to these allegations.

Netizen believes that the robot did not actively “attack” a worker. Instead, the incident occurred because the engineer neglected to deactivate the machine before servicing it.

A TGP reader pointed out, “As that robot ran through its normal motions ” – does NOT equate to ” the malfunctioning robot, “The damn thing was running it’s program, and the engineer was in the way.”

An X user wrote, “As someone who has worked with robotics. It was his own fault. The engineer was programming inline production robotics without locking out specific functions. First they take it offline. Then they use what looks like a Gameboy with an EMO button on it, screen and buttons. It is connected directly to the robot with a cord ( optional laptop). This allows for uploading firmware and remote control test functions. The robot cannot function fully unless you allow it to bypass key safety features. This accident is completely avoidable and is a safety issue. People are fired for not following safety protocols, bypassing safety features and not using proper LOTO procedures. If he is alive I am betting he is no longer employed.”

Just recently, Tesla revealed the second generation of its humanoid robot, Optimus Gen 2.

Optimus Gen 2 stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighs in at a light 121 pounds, shedding 22 pounds from the first model. It’s not just its frame that’s been upgraded; this robot can reach speeds up to 5 mph, which is a substantial 30% increase in velocity.


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