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Italy’s Giorgia Meloni and U.K.’s Rishi Sunak Join Forces to Tackle Mass Migration to Europe

  2024 was the year Europe finally woke up to the danger of unchecked mass migration, hoping it’s not too late. Conservative leaders are try...


2024 was the year Europe finally woke up to the danger of unchecked mass migration, hoping it’s not too late.

Conservative leaders are trying to tackle the issue that is mobilizing public opinion. To do that, they need to buck the Globalists entrenched in every country, notably in the Mainstream Media.

The leaders of Italy and the U.K. are joining forces, and agreed on Saturday to jointly address the irregular migration to Europe, intensifying cooperation ‘in the fight against human trafficking’.

Associated Press reported:


“Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni and U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who held talks in Rome, were also joined by Albanian counterpart Edi Rama, who is seen as a key ally in the efforts to manage migrant arrivals from North Africa to European shores.

Meloni’s office said in a statement after the meeting that the talks with Sunak ‘focused primarily on the joint work in the field of migration within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in London’ in April.”

Meloni and Sunak agreed to co-fund a first Italian-British ‘project of assisted voluntary repatriations to countries of origin’.

The two leaders, plus Albanian’s Rama, agreed on the need to manage illegal migration ‘in an increasingly structured manner’.

Rishi Sunak and Giorgia Meloni face similar immigration troubles.

After meeting PM Meloni, Sunak dropped by a political gathering organized by her Brothers of Italy party.

Other international guests included billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk.

“In his speech at the event, Sunak warned that failing to tackle the issue of irregular migration would end up “destroying the public’s faith” in politicians and governments. […] Sunak also stressed that if that ‘requires us to update our laws and lead an international conversation to amend the post-war frameworks around asylum, then we must do that’.”

The Italian and Albanian governments have closed a deal inspired by the U.K. government’s attempts to deport asylum-seekers to Rwanda.

The Albanian constitutional court has however suspended the ratification of this plan in parliament, pending a decision on judicial challenges to the plan.

Meanwhile, back in England, the expected (and inevitable) pushback from liberals, leftists and Globalists is ongoing, with PM Sunak being accused of adopting the ‘toxic’ rhetoric of former home secretary Suella Braverman.

Sunak said that ‘enemies’ were ‘deliberately driving people to our shores to try to destabilize our society’.

The Guardian reported:

“’Criminal gangs find the ugliest ways to exploit our humanity and don’t have a problem with putting people’s lives at risk by putting them on boats’, he said. ‘If we do not tackle this problem, the numbers will only grow. It will overwhelm our countries and our capacity to help those who actually need our help the most’.”

Sunak’s trip to Rome – and the blowback associated to it – comes after a week in which Sunak foiled a rebellion by his Tory MPs over a bill that is designed to ensure he can send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

“Sunak’s relationship with Meloni, Italy’s first female premier, has blossomed over their shared hardline approach towards immigration through policies that have pushed the limits of legality. They have also bonded over their admiration of Thatcher. Sunak revealed that during a meeting in Downing Street in April, the pair ‘looked through Margaret Thatcher’s papers’.

‘Margaret Thatcher was serious about governing and never shied away from the big issues, and today the big issue is illegal immigration’, he said. ‘We must apply her radicalism [to fight against this]’.

Sunak said political opponents were ‘burying their heads in the sand’ hoping that the issue would go away on its own. ‘But it doesn’t work that way … Go to Lampedusa [a southern Italian island], where 50% of immigrants arrived this year. It is no longer sustainable, it is not correct and it is immoral’.”

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