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Fully Vaccinated and Boosted Piers Morgan Tests Positive for COVID-19 — Blames “Anti-Vaxx” for Catching the Virus

  Far-left British television personality Piers Morgan has contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated and receiving a booster shot t...


Far-left British television personality Piers Morgan has contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated and receiving a booster shot two years ago.

The hypocritical host of “Uncensored” announced the news via Twitter, expressed his frustration, and blamed the ‘anti-vaccination’ community for his infection.

The 58-year-old host shared a photo of his positive lateral flow test on Twitter, along with a candid description of his condition: “as rough as a badger’s a***.”


In response to a user questioning his disclosure of the news, Morgan implied the uniqueness of the situation, as hosting from home is a deviation from the norm. But the interaction escalated as Twitter became a battleground for vaccine efficacy discussions.

In response to a comment about previous reports suggesting that receiving multiple boosters might increase the likelihood of contracting the virus, Morgan clarified that he had “one booster 2yrs ago,” and sarcastically suggested a vaccine for ‘imbecility’ to another critical user.

When faced with commentary about the higher infection rate amongst those repeatedly boosted, the far-left host insulted the unvaccinated user.

“I heard – from someone on the internet – it’s because Covid doesn’t infect incredibly stupid people due to the lack of available brain cells to infiltrate,” he wrote.

But his insulting comebacks did not end there. To a user questioning his decision against a more recent booster, Morgan jestingly said he succumbed to “anti-vaxxers'” warnings “because I believed all the anti-vaxx experts who told me it would melt my brain & turn me into an ostrich. Not making that mistake again!”

Morgan has just shown his own foolishness and hypocrisy in his response to a comment pointing out that vaccines do not entirely prevent COVID-19 infection, transmission, or death. Morgan acknowledged this yet continued to blame the unvaccinated and emphasized that vaccines indeed prevent many deaths.

“They do stop many people dying, that’s literally the point of any vaccine. But given we now know you can still get and transmit covid despite being jabbed, if you don’t want to take it, that’s entirely your choice.”

However, Morgan’s stance was challenged not only by Twitter users but also by controversial former kickboxer Andrew Tate, who insinuated skepticism about Morgan’s position on vaccines. Morgan’s reply was initially contradictory, suggesting he wouldn’t have been reinfected if he’d taken another booster, despite earlier admitting that vaccines cannot stop transmission completely.

Morgan once again taking aim at vaccine skeptics saying, ““Still makes me chuckle that so many supposed tough guys on here take pride in being too scared of a little injection. Grow a pair!”

Morgan’s assertion that an additional booster would have prevented his infection was countered by medical experts.

Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, the doctor who sued FDA, wrote, “7% of my new patient appointments in past 2 years were for patients with chronic debilitating health conditions following the COVID shots. Here’s a 15 year with chronic urticaria after Pfizer.”

Dr. Mollie James, owner of James Clinic, wrote, Well, if all of the critical thinking doctors are right, here’s what “grow a pair” will look like for you folks who chose to take an experimental shot:

-your “pair” won’t be working too well, as T levels drop after the vax
-your sexual function will likely drop to nothing also.
-you may find a “pair” of lymph nodes as we are seeing uptick in lymphomas.
-her “pair” will be imaged and require surgery as breast cancers are exploding.

Maybe it’s more important to grow a brain than think with your “pair”

Dr. David Cartland responded with a link to COVID vaccine injuries.

This is not Morgan’s first encounter with COVID-19. As reported by The Independent, in 2021, the far-left host disclosed that he was experiencing long Covid symptoms, following his announcement of contracting the virus at the Euro 2020 final.

“Has anyone had long covid symptoms of fatigue & loss of taste/smell for 10 weeks or more and then fully recovered – if so, what did you do that helped get over it? It’s getting very irritating,” he wrote.

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