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Driver Plows Into Attendees At Bakersfield, California Christmas Parade

  A driver reportedly upset that a road was closed backed up his truck rapidly through an alleyway,   injuring three men   who were preparin...

 A driver reportedly upset that a road was closed backed up his truck rapidly through an alleyway, injuring three men who were preparing to watch the Bakersfield, California, Christmas parade.

The 72-year-old man, who was suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, was arrested after he allegedly drove his Ford F-150 into men ages 21, 42, and 77, all of whom were transported to a hospital and are reportedly now in stable condition.

According to one resident who was attending the parade, the truck hit the first man, then rolled over him before hitting the two other men, finally crashing into a wall erected for a perimeter around the fire station. “He never slowed down,” the woman said.

Prior to the impacts with the three men, the driver hit a Poppi’s Pastrami food truck. Misti Cole, owner of the truck, said she was taking orders outside the truck when it was hit. “That’s how I support my family and some drunk idiot just smashed my truck,” she stated, adding of the children there to see the parade, “These poor kids just watched people get hit. It’s a mess down here. You don’t know if these people are dead.”


Prior to the parade, the Bakersfield Christmas Parade had noted, “This event is a CHRISTMAS THEMED FAMILY ORIENTED parade. It is not an appropriate venue for political ideology, campaigns, or social statements. The Committee continues to plan for a ‘live’ parade, however, we remain under direction of state and county health department directives for outdoor mega events.”

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