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Male raised as a female shares physical and mental health struggles – he was MUTILATED 2 days after birth and LIED TO for decades by his own parents and the medical system

  Sophie Ottaway was  born a male, but raised as a female . He recently shared his struggles after finding out the truth in an article he wr...

 Sophie Ottaway was born a male, but raised as a female. He recently shared his struggles after finding out the truth in an article he wrote for the Daily Wire.

Ottaway was 22 years old when he learned that he was born a male during a routine trip to the doctor's office. He found out the truth when he accidentally saw the evidence on the doctor's computer screen. The now 37-year-old Ottaway decided to write his story to lay out the journey he undertook to make peace with himself and his body.

Ottaway's condition is called cloacal exstrophy – also known as OEIS syndrome – a birth defect severely affecting the lower abdominal organs. The child can be born with their bladder and intestines on the outside of their body. The penis can also be either flat or split into two halves, which was the case with Ottaway.

According to Ottaway, doctors had decided to remove his split penis and testes and directed his parents to raise him as a female, ordering them to keep this fact "under the guise of psychological protection." He was told he had been born with ovaries that were damaged and removed at birth because of a rare birth condition.

After learning the truth about his real gender, years of intense denial followed. He was angry for being lied to by his parents and the medical system. Ottaway questioned the medical procedures and decisions made on his behalf.  

"I started to understand how my lack of vagina would impact my future relationships. At the same time, I knew I had very little interest in the boys around me and struggled to come to terms with the idea that I was most likely gay. I spiraled into a dark period of depression and in my college years began to find an outlet for my pain in drink, drugs and heavy metal music," Ottaway wrote.

In 2021, Ottaway was admitted to a hospital after experiencing intense pain due to a fistula opening up and leaking fluid near the genital area. The attending surgeon revealed that the gender mutilation he had undergone as a child had left him with a "pseudo-vagina," which ultimately led to serious health issues.

"I'd spent a whole lifetime without a vagina only to land in hospital with sepsis caused by a failed fake vagina that I never knew existed. If those birth surgeries were legitimately conducted to help me, then why would I be facing a critical illness due to a vagina a baby boy should never have had? What value could a pseudo-vagina ever have been to a two-day-old baby? Was I part of a medical experiment?"

Ottaway wants to educate people about the dangers of gender mutilation

Ottaway considered the possibility of de-transitioning, but ultimately decided against it due to the associated health risks and further genital mutilation.

Instead, he has chosen to focus on addressing the emotional trauma and mental health challenges resulting from his surgeries. Ottaway now campaigns for reform in medical pathways, emphasizing the importance of informed consent and patient well-being. He is now speaking out to educate people, especially minors, about the dangers of gender mutilation.

Scott Newgent, a female who transitioned to male, shared the same advocacy as Ottaway. She appeared in an April episode of "The Van Maren Show" podcast. During her appearance on the show, she left a statement to warn the public that transgenderism is an epidemic targeting vulnerable children.

"For many who have undergone sex change, there are no easy choices. Many people are simply too physically and physiologically damaged to have a simple choice. Many feel trapped between the sexes – knowing that they cannot change but feeling trapped somewhere in between by the surgeries they have undergone and the drugs they have taken. This is a heartbreaking aspect of the transgender movement's fallout that we will have to grapple with in the years ahead," Newgent said.

She is now speaking out to educate and protect people who wish to undergo gender mutilation, especially minors.

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