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America’s self-serving interests in ongoing conflicts are sending its proxy nations into disastrous situations with catastrophic repercussions

  Retired U.S. Army colonel and author Douglas MacGregor warned that America's  selfish interests are endangering  both Ukraine and Isra...

 Retired U.S. Army colonel and author Douglas MacGregor warned that America's selfish interests are endangering both Ukraine and Israel in their respective conflicts, further pointing to the United States' lack of national strategy, which involves military power, economic development and cultivating good relations for commerce and business overseas. He told Mike Adams in a recent episode of the "Health Ranger Report" that "we're in a lot of trouble as a nation. We don't really define our fundamental interests. We don't essentially link means and ends and have no sense of limitations."

Adams, the free-speech platform founder, also brought up the United States' lack of credibility on the world stage. He set U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken's recent visit to the Middle East as an example, where he was largely ignored and not treated like a U.S. official used to be treated. For the retired combat veteran, this is not something new. "Up until World War One, we were a nation that focused preeminently on building prosperity at home and pursuing peace abroad. The formula for success for the country was if we built our economic foundation, raised our standard of living, and cultivated the emergence of an educated, intelligent, hard-working population, then the rest of the world would notice. They'll want to imitate us," he said, emphasizing that there was nothing in the Constitution or in the minds of the people who founded America about intervening in other people's affairs.

And now, by essentially signing on for these wars of intervention, the nation is deluding itself to believe that we were an indispensable nation and that our rights and values were universal, he commented. "We lost respect for other people's countries, national interests, cultures, and way of life. It's been a disaster."

Adams dug deeper saying that America today seems to be very good at running around the world attempting to bludgeon other nations into compliance with the Western liberal order, citing the devastation of Ukraine. "Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian young men lost their lives under the 'guidance' mostly of the United States of America," the Health Ranger said and proceeded to imply the possibility that Israel is in a similar situation where the U.S. is willing to fight Iran to the last Israeli, just as America wanted to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.

The colonel commented that Israel's motivation in the current conflict is to once and for all settle accounts with the Muslim Arabs in Gaza. It's not enough for them to destroy Hamas. They are going for the complete elimination of the foundation for the militant group, which is 2.2 million Arabs living inside the enclave. "But no one stood up and said 'Eliminating these people is unacceptable. We won't support it. That is something that we have opposed repeatedly. We opposed the so-called ethnic cleansing in Bosnia Herzegovina. They know we've opposed ethnic cleansing in Africa.'"( 

Moreover, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been empowered to have more influence and authority than U.S. President Joe Biden's administration. "Every time Blinken opens his mouth and makes some policy pronouncement, Netanyahu contradicts him," he said and added that Netanyahu is clearly in charge. "This is a very dangerous situation for a great power like the United States because we do not want to be dragged into a potential regional war with virtually everyone in the region."

Domestic implications of Biden's faulty foreign relations policies

Elsewhere in the show, Adams touched on a critical point in line with Biden's continuous support for Israel's ongoing bombardment of civilian targets, hospitals, universities, and refugee camps in Gaza. As the U.S. border policies continue to be "wide open" and inviting for foreign illegals, there is a great risk that many border crossers will become more activated or radicalized. "Couldn't there be a very real domestic risk of suicide bombers, for example, because of the poorly thought-out policies of the way the U.S. State Department is interacting with Israel?" he asked.

MacGregor quickly concurred pointing out that at the moment, people no longer know who is inside the United States. “We have no idea how many illegals are here. I spoke to a couple of people who have to remain anonymous, at Homeland Security. And I asked specifically, the numbers that have been published that we might have eight million illegals in the country,” he said. “They laughed and said, ‘No, we've got at least 28 million, probably more. They explained that the eight million have come across the border since Biden became president.”

What is worse, he said is that these border crossers are given money and a free ticket to wherever they want to go in America. "No one is seriously interrogated about their origins, connections, or their beliefs." He also said that the country is on a suicidal path, only it is assisted suicide, with the government assisting people in destroying the country "by overwhelming us internally with foreigners."

"Meantime, we're sending forces to assist and support Israel. They're there to support the security and survival of the Israeli state. But what Netanyahu is now saying is, 'Look, we have an opportunity to leverage American military power, which is doing nothing on the border and nothing to secure the United States. And we can leverage it to our heart's content to settle a case with everybody we don't like or who opposes us in the Middle East,'" he warned. "That's a very dangerous picture because now we're talking about the Turks and Iranians, joining together with the various Arab states in elicit coalescing into a military alliance aimed at Israel."

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