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Louisiana Lawmakers Override Democrat Governor’s Veto Of Child Sex Change Ban In Rare Vote

  In a rare move, the   Louisiana   legislature has voted to override Democrat Governor   John Bel Edwards ’ veto of a bill that shields chi...

 In a rare move, the Louisiana legislature has voted to override Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards’ veto of a bill that shields children from life-altering sex-change procedures.

The bill, called the “Stop Harming Our Kids Act,” will prevent doctors from performing transgender procedures like double mastectomies on girls who identify as boys and administering puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children.

“Today was a huge win for the children of Louisiana! I’m proud of my colleagues in the state legislature for standing up to protect the children of our great state. We made it clear today that our children are worth fighting for. This great victory would not have been possible without the prayers and support of parents, grandparents, pastors, and grassroots organizations from around the state who rose up and declared with one voice that ‘No one in Louisiana has the right to harm a child’. God Bless the families of our beautiful state!” Louisiana Republican Rep. Gabe Firment, the sponsor of the legislation, told The Daily Wire in a statement.

The House voted 75-23 to override the veto, with 69 Republicans being joined by six Democrats. In the Senate, lawmakers voted 28-11 to adopt the measure.

“As a counselor, I know of no other mental health disorder where we affirm distorted thinking. We don’t affirm the distorted thinking of anorexic children who suffer body dysmorphia, do we? And since studies have shown that gender dysphoria does not persist in most children past puberty, why would any so called treatment include irreversible medical procedures,” said Louisiana Republican Rep. Laurie Schlegel. “The suggestion that the only hope for children experiencing gender dysphoria is cross-sex hormone therapy, puberty blockers, or life changing sex operations is ludicrous. These children need intensive mental health counseling.”

During discussion of the bill, Republican Senator John Morris said that “experimental procedures on minors that are irreversible” are not health care, citing long-term health problems, such as fertility issues, that have been associated with transgender procedures. Republican Senator Mike Fesi pointed to regret from people who “transitioned” at a young age and wished their parents had not allowed them to go through with the transgender procedures. 

Democrat Senator Jay Luneau claimed that the bill would violate parental rights and contained vague provisions that would be unconstitutional.

Republican Senator Fred Mills, who previously held up the bill in committee, claimed that the bill would have implications for future medical related bills and praised former Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson for his veto of a ban on transgender procedures in Arkansas, arguing Louisiana lawmakers should take a similar approach.

In May, Mills joined Democrats in a 5-4 vote on the Health and Welfare Committee to block the advancement of the bill. Edwards reportedly pressured lawmakers on the committee to kill the bill.


Before today’s vote, there have only been two successful vetoes of a gubernatorial veto since 1974, when the state adopted a new constitution, according to the Associated Press.

“This bill was ground zero for the veto session and will show up in every single race this year in Louisiana. The legislature sent a historic message, loud and clear, that in Louisiana, children are off limits. Anyone thinking about running for office here should take note,” Baton Rouge based Republican strategist Lionel Rainey III told The Daily Wire.

The passage of the bill was praised by conservatives in the state, including Louisiana Family Forum President Gene Mills.

“In most years, Legislators have treated veto override sessions as optional. This year, the Legislature agreed with LFF that an override was obligatory, especially with the health and welfare of children at stake. The Legislature sent a clear message to those who seek to harm children for profit – ‘Access denied …. to Louisiana children!’ We are deeply grateful to each lawmaker who moved to Protect Louisiana Children. Now, it’s time to move forward in providing safe and effective mental health treatments for children who struggle with gender dysphoria,” Mills said in a statement.

In his veto message, Edwards pointed to federal court rulings striking down similar bans in other states.

Roughly 20 states have passed bans on life-altering transgender procedures on children, including Kentucky, which is also governed by a Democrat. The Republican legislature was able to override his veto before portions of the law were just blocked by a federal judge.

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