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‘So Gross And Weird’: Twitter Users Blow Up On Adidas Using Male Model To Sell New Women’s Swimsuit

  Twitter blew up on Wednesday after images surfaced online of Adidas using a male model to promote a new women’s swimsuit, with many blasti...

 Twitter blew up on Wednesday after images surfaced online of Adidas using a male model to promote a new women’s swimsuit, with many blasting the move as “gross” and  “disgusting.”

It started after a social media influencer tweeted two images of a man wearing the brand’s new women’s “Pride swimsuit” with a caption that read, “The new Adidas Women’s Swimwear Range modeled by…men.”

Libs Of TikTok tweeted a video of a man modeling the one-piece swimsuit, adding, “Biological male models women’s swimsuit in [adidas] new pride collection ad.”

Reading through the comments on both posts, users slammed the athletic brand for going “woke.”

“Bring back sexy, fit and FEMALE models!” one account posted. “Mostly because I am sick of seeing dudes with d***s dressed up and mocking women and normalizing fat rolls and unhealthy lifestyles. I said what I said.”

Another added, “WTH? Ugh….so gross and weird.”

One account tweeted, “That is just gross and Adidas is added to my ever growing list of places I will never shop again! Go woke, Go Broke!!!”

And another wrote, “I have breasts, hips and no need for an extra pouch of fabric around my labia. I guess that means this bathing suit isn’t for me.. or most women.. In which other instance do companies advertise to a demographic of ~1%? Women make up ~50% and we’re struggling lol! Make it make sense.”

“Ooh, how wonderful that they are showing how your pubic bulge can be so defined,” another account posted. “What a joke.”

Several social media users said as long as companies continue to embrace radical gender theory, they will stop being consumers.


“I hope this continues because it tells us who not to buy from,” one account wrote.

“Companies are underestimating the level of anger and disgust this is generating,” another added.

The host of the Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show” opened her podcast on Thursday with the news of Adidas, calling it “disgusting” and saying that “women do not have bulges in their bathing suit.”

“Now we gotta look at the bulge when we are just trying to get our bikinis,” Kelly told her audience. “Pardon me, but that’s disgusting and no one wants to look at it.”

The athletic brand follows other big-name companies like Anheuser-Busch, Maybelline, Target, and Nike that have recently chosen to promote wokeness regardless of their customer base and bottom line.

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