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‘Flawed From The Start’: Adam Schiff Doubles Down, Says Durham Investigation Was Political

  Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) doubled down on Tuesday, calling the just-concluded   Durham investigation   “flawed from the start” and claiming ...

 Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) doubled down on Tuesday, calling the just-concluded Durham investigation “flawed from the start” and claiming that it had only begun on the political whim of former President Donald Trump.

Schiff made his assessment during an appearance on MSNBC, telling anchor Lawrence O’Donnell that special counsel John Durham’s report had not led to any indictments — much less convictions – which he said was proof that the four years of investigation had netted nothing.


O’Donnell set Schiff up with his initial question, saying that the Durham investigation had ended “with a new report about nothing.”

Schiff readily agreed, saying, “This is an investigation that started in a flawed manner, it was conducted in a flawed manner, and its conclusion is a flawed conclusion. It began in a flawed way because this was the result of Donald Trump badgering Bill Barr to investigate the investigators.”

Schiff went on to say that the only reason Durham was even brought in to investigate was Trump’s insistence that he was the focus of a political “witch hunt.” And despite Durham’s findings indicating a number of departures from proper procedure on behalf of the FBI – and even the bureau’s own subsequent admission that mistakes had been made with regard to Crossfire Hurricane’s inception — Schiff insisted that the Mueller investigation had been rooted in a real crime and was therefore begun with just cause.

The “bottom line,” according to Schiff, was that the FBI “had a good reason to investigate Trump” whereas “Durham did not” have a good reason to investigate the FBI.


Schiff did not go into detail regarding what that “good reason” was — and O’Donnell did not press him on the matter. O’Donnell also did not bring up the numerous occasions when Schiff had claimed to have direct evidence that Trump had colluded with Russia – evidence that Mueller did not find during the course of his investigation, and evidence that Schiff has yet to reveal publicly.

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