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RIGGED JUNK SCIENCE: Big Pharma and Coca Cola turning obese American teenagers into patients for life with obesity injection drug that has scary side effects

  Does America really need an obesity drug for 12-year olds that causes cancer tumors? Wegovy (semaglutide) is now the first FDA-approved we...

 Does America really need an obesity drug for 12-year olds that causes cancer tumors? Wegovy (semaglutide) is now the first FDA-approved weight loss drug approved for obese adolescents that is taken once a week. Wegovy lists its serious side effects as possible thyroid tumors that include cancer. Got a swelling in your neck, trouble swallowing, and shortness of breath? That’s not the obesity talking, that’s your new weight loss prescription drug catapulting what’s also known in lab-tested rodents as medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC). That’s not all folks. Wegovy is an injectable prescription that can cause inflammation of the pancreas, gallstones, kidney failure, rapid heartbeat (while at rest), depression, and of course, thoughts of suicide.

Wegovy is a lifelong injection medication because once a person stops taking it, they regain the weight they lost, according to the clinical study

Experts have “weighed in” (pun intended) on one of the most absurd side effects of getting Wegovy injections, or better stated, a side effect of not taking the injections anymore after starting them, which includes putting all the weight right back on that was ‘lost’. Ready for your lifelong injection medication? That’s the punishment for eating fast food and drinking soda pop for all your childhood years. Data from clinical trials showed “patients experience weight regain once they stop taking the medication,” says a representative (Novo Nordisk) of the pharmaceutical company behind the creation of the obesity jabs, when speaking to NBC News about it.

Watch “We’re being poisoned,” where Russell Brand discusses with a Coke whistleblower the ridiculousness of how “medications” in this country make people sicker and sicker, in tandem with the sugar-laden soft drinks and processed junk science food.

Listen to this:

High fructose corn syrup and canola oil are fattening up children faster than Willy Wonka can say eat more chocolate bars

America is the home of processed foods that fatten up children right out of the womb, including infant formulas. Most meat and dairy products in this country contain artificial growth hormones to fatten up animals and make them produce more milk or eggs. This is turning a country full of fat children into obese children, teens, and adults.

Then there’s HFCS, a concentrated sugar that catapults the body into obesity, diabetes and cancer. Pile more frosting on that cake by adding canola oil to almost every processed food in order to preserve it longer, while shortening human life faster than margarine. Even artificial sweeteners like aspartame cause weight GAIN, doing the exact opposite of what they are advertised to help with.

Canola oil coagulates in the body and causes rapid weight gain and memory loss. No wonder the kids can’t figure out how they got so heavy, while their doctor blames the parents and grandparents for having predisposed genetics of fatness that they passed on to the morbidly obese children, who just ate two double cheese burgers and some super-sized fries, with a diet coke to boot.

Want to lose weight without turning yourself into a cancer factory? Look into natural remedies for weight loss and weight management that are as simple as drinking much more water for optimum functioning of vital organs and reducing intake of daily calories. Just two daily tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can help control blood sugar levels and suppress appetite. Also, green tea helps the body release fat and burn calories while beating back pro-inflammatory diseases, like obesity. 

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