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Joe Biden Recruits Transgender Activist Who Wants To ‘Normalize Women Having Bulges’ To Bolster Support For Democrats Ahead Of Midterms

  Joe Biden reportedly met with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to discuss how a strategy to gin up public support for Democrats ahead o...


Joe Biden reportedly met with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to discuss how a strategy to gin up public support for Democrats ahead of the midterm elections.

“It’s day 222 of being a girl. I am in Washington DC and I’m going to the White House to speak to the President of the United States of America,” Mulvaney gleamed in a video posted on TikTok on Friday.

“I get to sit down with Joe Biden and Now This News and I get to ask him a few questions surrounding trans issues in the United States and talk to him about my transition and I really just want to represent my community the best that I can,” the body dysphoria activist continued.

“I am ready to step up and show that trans people, we are not going anywhere and that trans kids, they deserve a fighting chance to be their true selves,” Mulvaney added. 


Mulvaney said Biden’s meeting with and other transgender activists will be published on Sunday.

The body-dysphoric man has also boasted about carrying around pads and tampons to celebrate transitioning to a woman and refers to female genitalia as the “barbie pouch.”

Last week, Ulta Beauty featured Mulvaney on its podcast called “The Joy of Girlhood to discuss womanhood with another man who identifies as a woman.

Mulvaney is seen in a clip of the podcasts gleaming about the prospects of becoming “a mom one day.”

As the Gateway Pundit has reported, Ulta’s decision to feature men wearing dresses to discuss womanhood ignited a massive backlash. Angry women lashed out at the beauty giant and vowed to boycott the company “for trying to erase biological women’s existence and roles.”

In another video posted to TikTok, Mulvaney urges men who dress as females to “normalize women have bulges” ahead of bikini season.

As Americans struggle with a crashing economy, rising crime, Covid misinformation disseminated by the government and the threat of nuclear war, the Biden administration has prioritized promoting the transgender agenda and body dysphoria, particularly among children.

But the majority of Americans say transgender surgeries for minors should be illegal.

Data published by the Trafalgar Group shows that “78.7 percent of voters believe underage minors should be required to wait until they are adults to legally use puberty blockers and undergo permanent sex-change procedures.”

Notably, 84.6% of Independents and even 53.2% of Democrats say the same.

The majority of Americans, 55 percent, are also opposed to allowing transgender female athletes to compete with other women and girls in high school sports, according to a new poll conducted by The Washington Post and University of Maryland.  A higher proportion, 58 percent, reported the same opinion at the college and professional sports levels.

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