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Antifa “Journalist” Arrested After Vandalizing, Setting Fire To Synagogues, Mosque

  In Portland (of course), deranged leftists have long blamed phantom “white supremacists” for causing trouble in the city, fearing that neo...


In Portland (of course), deranged leftists have long blamed phantom “white supremacists” for causing trouble in the city, fearing that neo-nazis are lurking around every corner, just waiting to strike. Well, apparently these “white supremacists” are so inactive that deranged leftists themselves have to commit the crimes that “white supremacists” would otherwise be committing.

The latest case in point involves a particular individual suspected of committing various acts of arson against various places of worship in the Portland area. Pro-antifa “journalist” Mike Bivins has been arrested for allegedly vandalizing and setting fire to two Synagogues and a Mosque, even attempting to burn people alive as they were inside the Mosque.

The Portland Police press release reads:

A suspect has been arrested in connection with these arson and vandalism cases at houses of worship.

Michael E. Bivins, 34, of Portland was booked this morning into the Multnomah County Detention Center on the following cases and charges:

22-912375 April 30th, 2022 – Congregation Shir Tikvah 2420 NE Sandy Blvd – Broken Window.
Charge: Criminal Mischief in the First Degree

22-680557 May 2nd, 2022 – Congregation Beth Israel 1972 NW Flanders – Graffiti on Synagogue
Charge: Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree

22-118101 May 3rd, 2022 – Muslim Community Center of Portland – Fire to occupied Mosque
Charge: Arson in the First Degree (Measure 11)

22-801609 May 4th, 2022 – Congregation Beth Israel 1972 NW Flanders – Large rock thrown through library window
Charge: Criminal Mischief in the First Degree

Bivins was arrested with the assistance of the Beaverton Police Department after he visited a television news station where he demanded to speak to a reporter. A Beaverton Police Detective followed up, coordinated with Portland Police, and Bivins was taken into custody. The Portland Police Bureau is grateful to the Portland Fire & Rescue Investigation Unit, the Beaverton Police Department, and KPTV staff for their assistance and collaboration in this case.

Additional investigation is ongoing and further charges are possible. PPB detectives have also been in contact with federal authorities regarding these cases. If anyone has information about Bivins or any of these crimes, they’re asked to contact Detective Meredith Hopper at (503)823-3408 or . Please refer to case number 22-118101

That’s right, apparently Bivins went on camera at a news station openly confessed to these crimes. Here’s the report from KTPV:

Bivins has been identified as a onetime freelance journalist who covered political extremism in Portland until 2019.

“Our arson investigator got involved in the case and since then she has been chasing this suspect and connecting him to other incidents,” said Kevin Allen of PPB. “So we know the incidents go back to April 30th at this point and she is still working to see if there are any other cases that might be related.”

On Wednesday, Bivins came by the Fox 12 station asking to speak to a reporter. He said he was the one vandalizing places of worship, gave names and locations of places he had been to and vandalized, and said he would not stop committing these crimes before stating he would come back to the station Friday afternoon.

After he left the station, Fox 12 contacted authorities, sharing the information he had provided. Meanwhile, police say he went back to Beth Israel and threw a large rock through a library window.

“We were notified by Beaverton Police that they had been contacted by KPTV about this guy showing up and claiming that he was involved and apparently wanted to talk to a reporter on that topic,” said Allen. “The Beaverton Police detective recognized that this might be a pretty important clue. They contacted our detective and developed a plan to get him into custody.”

On Friday, Bivins was arrested as he was making his way back to the Fox 12 station.


“This is certainly noteworthy that someone would contact a news station and want to discuss crimes they committed,” said Allen. “I’m not sure what the motivation there was, but we are certainly grateful to you and KPTV for working with our investigators so we could get him arrested, get him into custody and find appropriate charges for him. It’s important to note too that this is early in the investigation. I know the detective is continuing to work on what charges could be appropriate and we could be putting more charges forth going forward.”

Portland Police say they are in contact with federal authorities about this investigation and additional charges are possible.

If you can believe it, Bivins is actually being held on $266,000 bond.

Bivins had been a street-level videographer and reporter, documenting much of the political chaos in the Portland area over the last handful of years. Among his many platforms is/was far left zine-paper Willamette Week, whom Bivins contributed many articles to, many of which portrayed Trump supporters as evil, violent, fascists. Bivins would often times post videos to his Twitter feed that featured antifa militants committing acts of violence, only to delete the videos a short time later to protect his friends. He was the only journalist who effectively worked to prevent news from getting out to the public. Many of Bivins’ tweets and videos would end up featured here on The Gateway Pundit in our articles.

Willamette Week is trying to distance themselves from Bivins, reporting:

Until recently, Bivins worked in nursing resource management at Oregon Health & Science University and was a freelance reporter for news outlets, including Willamette Week and Eugene Weekly, covering the polarization and violence in city streets following the election of President Donald Trump. He reported primarily on clashes between anti-fascists and their adversaries, such as the Proud Boys. Bivins sold photos and videos of street conflict to national and local outlets.

His last story filed for WW was in 2019. WW is conducting a review of his work.

Multiple people who spoke with WW said Bivins’ behavior and social media posts had grown erratic during the pandemic. He had made several posts to Twitter in April decrying immigrants.

In 2021, he filed a tort claim notice against the Federal Protective Service after being struck by a munition at a protest.

So what’s up with his latest stunt? Perhaps his motivation was to get everyone to blame Trump supporters to stir up more hate and vitriol. Chalk this up as yet another hate crime hoax that Jussie Smollett would be proud of.

The real question is whether or not Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt, infamous for dismissing cases against violent left wing terrorists, will pursue this case and upset antifa, or if he’ll drop charges and risk being labelled as a supporter of “white supremacy.”

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