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WATCH: AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Reacts to 60 Minutes Australia’s Extremely Biased Interview: “This Guy Came Into It With a Raging Case Of Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome”

  60 Minutes Australia’s Liam Bartlett 60 Minutes Australia finally aired a small edited portion of Trump-endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Can...


60 Minutes Australia’s Liam Bartlett

60 Minutes Australia finally aired a small edited portion of Trump-endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake’s interview with leftist hack Liam Bartlett.

Lake absolutely destroyed Bartlett and exposed the globalist media establishment.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on the unedited interview that Kari Lake recorded herself and shared on Rumble over a month ago.

The video finally aired on Sunday.

The full interview is over 20 minutes long, but 60 Minutes only shared a heavily edited clip less than three minutes long.

They clipped and cut videos together to make it look like Kari refused to answer questions and cut Bartlett off. The fake news is desperate to stop her!

“Reporters got to understand, they can’t go toe to toe with Kari Lake,” said Steve Bannon. 

Lake shared the trailer for the interview last week, saying it looks like free advertising for her campaign.

Lake appeared on Bannon’s War Room to talk about the bullsh*t interview, her campaign for Governor, and her plan to fix the Biden border crisis. 

Lake: I’ve done a lot of interviews, Steve and not everyone’s as fair as you are. You want to get to the truth, and you just ask honest questions. This guy came into it with a raging case of stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome. And I did answer his question. I answered it three times. He didn’t like the answer I gave him because he couldn’t cut it and splice it the way he wanted. So he kept asking the same question. If you want to see the full interview unedited, go to my rumble page, Kari Lake Rumble. It is the craziest interview. I think he’s a complete lunatic. And it shows me that the global media is just as bad, if not worse, than the corrupt corporate media here.

Bannon: Just get us up to date on the invasion of the southern border. The border that we should be maniacally focused on, and we are here at the War Room, is the southern border of our beloved Republic. What’s the current status there, Kari Lake?

Lake: That was a perfect way of saying it. This is our country. We’re being invaded. And it pains me to see all of the attention that our lawmakers are putting on a border half a world away. And it’s not that I don’t feel for the people of Ukraine. But damn it, I feel for the people of Arizona, and we have people pouring across this border unvetted. We have drugs, CCP, fentanyl that comes from the CCP, up through the narco-terrorist cartels, into Arizona and we have child trafficking happening. And our crime is spiking here in Arizona, and we’re not going to sit around and take it, and that’s why my border policy, my border plan called “Defend Arizona,” has us doing exactly that. We the people of Arizona will defend our state, and it’s right there in the Constitution. We’re able to do that. Article 1 Section 10: when the federal government fails us, if we have an invasion, we can protect ourselves. And that’s what I’m going to do on day one when I’m elected as Governor here in Arizona, but they’re trying to keep us away from what’s really happening. You know, our elections are a complete nightmare. We are going into another election, and we still have a problem down here in Arizona and other states. And that’s why I filed this amicus brief last week because I want to make sure that our Supreme Court takes a look at our elections before we go into this next round. Right now, the way we’re voting in Arizona, we believe, is unconstitutional. It does not line up with what our founders in Arizona put into our Constitution.

Steve Bannon aired the clip to open the segment below.

Watch Kari’s full interview with 60 Minutes Australia here.


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