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Activism in Action: Scott Presler Reinvents Voter Mobilization — Organizes Voter Registration Drive at New York State Gas Stations

  Gas Prices continue to  hover at all-time record highs  under Joe Biden. He refuses to address the problem. On Election Day — Gas was $2.1...


Gas Prices continue to hover at all-time record highs under Joe Biden.
He refuses to address the problem.

On Election Day — Gas was $2.11 a gallon
On Inauguration Day — Gas was $2.39 a gallon
On Sunday March 20th — Gas was $4.26 a gallon

The ripple effect from these prices will crush the working class in America.

The blame for these gas prices is completely on Joe Biden and Democrats and they refuse to fix it. Biden refuses to open the US energy market. He refuses to build pipelines or offer new drilling permits. Instead, this horrible, destructive regime is buying gas from Iran, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. 

Democrats want Americans to suffer.

In response to this Pro-Trump Conservative activist Scott Presler announced ten days ago he is organizing voter registration drives at gas stations in New York state. 

Scott is available to talk about his outreach campaign as he looks for more volunteers to join forces. The campaign is already being talked about in the New York Post, Daily News, Gateway Pundit and local Long Island outlets.

Scott posted on his outreach efforts on Saturday. 

Scott announced his voter drive on Twitter.

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