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“Queer” American Library Association head wants to destroy traditional family values by filling children’s minds with pornography depicting “gay people doing gay things”

  The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has published  a shocking report  about American Library Foundation (ALF) President Emily Dra...

 The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has published a shocking report about American Library Foundation (ALF) President Emily Drabinski, a self-described "queer" Marxist who has made it her business to subvert traditional family values and morals every change she gets.

An AAF investigation reveals that Drabinski has basically made "subversion" her life's mission. A major component of her "queerness" involves promoting perversion at American libraries so children will be exposed to it and possibly convert.

According to Drabinski, libraries have an obligation to carry books about "gay people doing gay things." And anyone who opposes this, in Drabinski's view, is part of an "angry, white mob."

Concerning local and state laws prohibiting LGBT groomers from indoctrinating and trying to convert children to their cult, Drabinski does not feel as though she needs to abide by them.

"It becomes difficult to think about laws as something [that] needs to be complied with," Drabinski is quoted as saying – check out the full report to learn more about Drabinski and what she is doing to make American libraries more perverse.


Perversion run wild: Emily Drabinski represents everything that is WRONG with America today

Elected to serve as the ALA's president for the 2023-2024 term, Drabinski has said a lot of highly offensive things already, including her bizarre claim that the Dewey Decimal System is not okay because the religious works it contains are "overwhelmingly Christian" and present heterosexuality as "normative."

Drabinski is also critical of the library system as a whole because she feels as though it sees "gender as a binary system with only two acceptable gender markers." Sorry, Drabinski, but it is true: there are only two genders, and they are male and female.

When some libraries started to remove vile and sexually charged LGBT books and other materials from their collections, Drabinski complained that this "crushed" her. She did, however, get excited about a "magical" book she discovered at 14 years old that featured "fantastic queer sex in a field."

Other things that are important to Drabinski, based on her public admissions, are drag queen story hour events, communism, and anything LGBT-centric that introduces children to sexual perversion at seemingly the youngest possible age.

Because she is a public figure who has admitted to all this openly, Drabinski now has an entire report written about her that highlights everything that is wrong with what she thinks and believes, and how it threatens children and families everywhere.

If American libraries all move in the direction that Drabinski wants to take them, then these public resources will eventually become dens of iniquity – and nothing more – where children go to lose their innocence while joining the Cult of LGBT.

"Do you know who your existential enemy is?" one commenter asked on a Substack recap from the AAP about Drabinski. "Best think about it and ready yourself for what's coming."

"She's correct that we should all ignore laws that are immoral," wrote another. "However, the problem is that her view of morality is perverted."

"These people are clearly degenerates and pedophiles, and we will never win the war as long as we fund systems (i.e., zero accountability public schools) instead of giving parents the option to send their kids somewhere else with the money that the parents themselves earned," wrote another.

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