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Is There Any Way We Can Send Joe Biden Back To Ireland?

  President   Joe Biden is back from Ireland   — his ancestral home and a place where he is apparently abundantly popular. That raises the q...

 President Joe Biden is back from Ireland — his ancestral home and a place where he is apparently abundantly popular. That raises the question, is there any way we can send him back to the Emerald Isle?

The president went to Ireland this week supposedly to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. The trip seemed more like a taxpayer-funded vacation for the president, his sister Valerie — his best friend and de facto campaign manager — alongside his latchkey son Hunter. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre even said at one point that Biden was “having the time of his life.”

In that case, it sounds like he should enjoy his golden years and head back to Ireland ASAP. He’ll need to resign, but that’s okay. He isn’t really in charge anyway.

For those who think that Biden might be happier in his hometown of Scranton, they should know that his newfound success overseas really boosted his spirits, according to one NBC piece of propaganda report.

In a story titled, “Biden’s last day on Ireland trip packs emotional punch,” multiple NBC stenographers  journalists wrote that “the support and encouragement the president has received from adoring crowds … energized a president abroad despite his shaky political standing at home.”

Here’s just some of the excitement that the president had in Ireland. On his last night there, Biden ran out on stage to a jam-packed crowd waving flags as The Dropkick Murphy’s played in the background:

It’s unclear what sort of uppers they put the president on to get him amped up like that, but it must have been a cocktail like no other. Just a few days ago, he couldn’t even answer a child’s question as to what the key to success is.

Earlier in the week, he went out to the pubs and was mobbed by fans as well:

Of course, stateside, practically wherever Biden tries to go in public, he is heckled and greeted by people who can’t stand him. Here’s what it looked like in New Jersey just weeks after his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021:

Here’s another video from last summer in Somerset, Massachusetts, showing his motorcade going through detractors — to put it lightly:

There are literally dozens more, if not hundreds, of videos to choose from that could showcase how Biden isn’t welcome in his own country. The data shows that as well. According to FiveThirtyEight’s average, 52.1% of Americans disapprove of the job he is doing. If that number seems a little low, just remember that it’s an average comprised of numerous polls.

Nonetheless, the Associated Press, another rag that has turned into a ferocious member of the lapdog media, gleefully reported, “In Ireland, ‘Cousin Joe’ feels the love that’s elusive in US.

Perhaps  Biden finds that love is elusive in the U.S. because the pain caused by his policies — domestic, foreign, and economic — is so oppressive.

It’s a little bit interesting that the president spoke more highly of the average Irish person this week than he ever does of the average American. Whatever the reason for that praise, the heart wants what the heart wants. If the Irish want Biden, and Biden wants them, who are we to keep them from each other? He can be back in Ballina by Monday.

His absence won’t be missed — except for maybe by those in the White House who are really running the country and need him to pose in front of U.S. cameras.

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