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Former CIA Director David Petraeus: US-Trained Ukrainian Counter Offensive to Begin in May with Goal of Severing Russia’s Land Route to Crimea

  On March 30, 2023, former CIA Director David Petraeus  spoke at the Bush School DC  on “International conflicts and US national security c...


On March 30, 2023, former CIA Director David Petraeus spoke at the Bush School DC on “International conflicts and US national security challenges.”

During his presentation Petraeus announced that the US-trained Ukrainian counter offensive will begin in May with a goal of severing Russia’s land route to Crimea.

This speech by Petraeus took place before leaked documents surfaced that Ukrainian forces were suffering major losses in the War with Russia and that US forces were already on the ground in Ukraine – something that was not disclosed to the American public.

Via Kanekoa the Great

Former CIA Director David Petraeus says the U.S.-trained Ukrainian counter offensive is scheduled to begin in May, with the goal of severing Russia’s land route to Crimea, while also demonstrating to Putin that the Ukrainians are willing to “out-suffer” the Russians:

“What we really need to watch is not what’s happening on the battlefield right now. It’s what’s happening at training centers the U.S. runs in Germany, Grafenwöhr, Hohenfels, UK, Poland, Ukraine itself, where entire new brigades are being established largely with new recruits from Ukraine, but also with some seasoned commissioned and uncommissioned officers.

Over time will be equipped with Western tanks or with the residual Soviet bloc systems, Western infantry fighting vehicles, Western wheeled armored vehicles, really, quite an extraordinary array of systems, and this late May, early June, there is going to be a heck of an offensive from the Ukrainians, very likely in the South. It probably has to be roughly the Melitopol area, and they will try to sever the ground line of communications that Russia has established along the southeast coast of Ukraine linking into Crimea.

I believe that they are going to achieve, for the first time in this war, true combined arms effects because they will, for the first time. Russians have not at all done this. They have failed from day one. They have sent tanks just right down the road without infantry. The Ukrainians will have tanks with infantry in infantry fighting vehicles keeping the enemy’s infantry and their anti-tank guided missiles off those tanks. They will have engineers and EOD to produce obstacles and defuse explosives and mines. They will have air defense to keep the Russian air off them.

They’ll have electronic warfare to jam the Russians’ networks. They’ll have artillery and mortars to suppress the enemy forces. They all have good command and control. They’ll have logistics pushed right up behind them with additional arms, ammunition, arms, fuel, water, food, medical support, and they’ll have reserve forces, which they did not have in the offensive in the Kharkiv area last fall that was very impressive, but basically, culminated, ran out of steam because human beings can only go for about 72 hours-ish before they just physically no longer have any capacity to do much on the battlefield.

We’ve reached that point, by the way. We proved this during the fight to Baghdad a couple of different times. I believe that’s what’s going to happen, and the question, then, and we might actually ask the DA privately later, the question, then, is can Putin, over time, be convinced that he will not be able to out-suffer the Ukrainians, the Europeans, and the Americans, which is what he currently thinks. He thinks that, again, Russians, just like they did to Napoleon’s army and the Nazis, that they’re going to prevail over time because they have more fortitude.”

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