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Far-Left Is Now Targeting Emails from Conservative Groups

  The far-left is now targeting conservative emails.  After targeting conservatives on Big Tech sites by shadow-banning them (reducing the n...


The far-left is now targeting conservative emails. 

After targeting conservatives on Big Tech sites by shadow-banning them (reducing the number of individuals who see their posts) the Big Tech sites then suspended and eventually censored conservatives altogether.  This culminated when President Trump’s accounts were shut down on social media.

When this occurred, Big Tech made the statement that they are in charge, not the President of the United States.  This was unconstitutional because the corrupt government was working with Big Tech in its censorship efforts.

Far-left activists then targeted conservative advertisers.  This too was likely illegal. 

Now the far-left communists are after conservative emails.

Conservative pro-American site, Grassfire had this to share earlier this week:

I have a special message for our Grassfire team members, as we come to the end of this year. Grassfire is facing a major crisis that threatens our ability to help you stand for life, liberty and limited government. As you know, the “Twitter files” are publicly exposing what we have been telling you, well, for many years.

Big Tech and government forces have colluded to silence the voices of liberty-loving conservatives. Grassfire has been one of the targets. For example, we have one of the largest Facebook pages in the conservative world, but we have seen our posts get shadow banned by 50%, 70% or more over the past two years. Now, the high-tech censors are attacking our very lifeblood: our ability to email you.

Earlier this month, tens of thousands of Grassfire team members were blocked from receiving our updates by major email providers. It happened while Congress was rushing through a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and put a target on the backs of people of faith and anyone who dares to believe in marriage between one man and one woman.

As a result, we were temporarily blocked from emailing hundreds of thousands of Grassfire team members. Some were contacting us and asking us why they were not receiving our updates. We did send the emails, but they were never received. Our emails were blocked and censored, apparently, because some high-tech leftists didn’t like our content.

What is happening to Grassfire, we believe, is part of the larger scandal of social-media companies blocking and shadow banning conservative organizations. For Grassfire, these email blocks and shadow bans are a serious threat to our ability to communicate with patriots across the country, like you. They’ve also created a serious budget crunch.

As a result, Grassfire revenue is down more than 40% from 2021. We believe that shortfall is, in large part, due to the throttling of our messages by the high-tech censors. These attacks will only get worse as we move into the 2024 election cycle. 

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