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Whitlock: Jim Harbaugh makes coaching history, joins diversity, inclusion, and equity death cult undermining male leadership

  In pursuit of personal glory and wealth, American men have taken the role of Dr. Jack Kevorkian. We’re assisting in our own death, undermi...

 In pursuit of personal glory and wealth, American men have taken the role of Dr. Jack Kevorkian. We’re assisting in our own death, undermining our role as leaders, shirking our responsibility to shepherd God’s garden.

We’ve embraced the diversity, inclusion, and equity religion favored by women, the LGBTQ+ community, and race idolaters. This carefully constructed coalition of Marxists constitutes the foot soldiers of global elites. They evangelize and communicate through Silicon Valley’s social media apps.

The fundamental tenet and organizing principle of D.I.E. is that Christian men are the bane of society and the obstacle stopping women, the gender-confused, and people of color from realizing their American dream. The goal of D.I.E. is to kill Christian men and dislodge masculine, traditional men from American power.

We, men, are collaborating with our enemies.

We pat ourselves on the back and bask in glory every time we weaken our grip on leadership.

Tuesday, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh celebrated his “history-making” decision to add a female graduate assistant to his coaching staff. With the selection of Mimi Bolden-Morris, Michigan became the first school in Big Ten history to name a woman to its coaching staff.

Bolden-Morris just finished her college basketball career. She was the starting point guard on the Georgetown basketball team this past season. Starting in June, she will work with Michigan’s quarterbacks.

“I have always believed in providing opportunities for individuals who are passionate about football and Mimi is someone who has shown that drive to become a football coach,” Harbaugh said in a written statement. “Mimi is a very bright, intelligent and competitive young woman who will be a great addition to our program and offensive coaching staff. We look forward to having Mimi transition into this role working with our quarterbacks. We can’t wait to see the new perspective she brings to our team.”

Harbaugh is following the trend established by the NFL. Last season, the NFL employed a dozen female coaches.

Diversity, inclusion, and equity are now the highest priorities in sports. We used to use sports as a meritocratic platform to develop leaders. The meritocracy aspect has been eliminated so that sports can serve America’s new religion – D.I.E.

Do we think Bolden-Morris’ drive to coach football supersedes the thousands of boys and men who play the game? I’m suspicious. I think her and Harbaugh’s desire to build their individual brands by any means necessary supersedes most people’s. Corporate media is obsessed with forced diversity. Harbaugh and Bolden-Morris are seizing an opportunity to capitalize on the obsession.

Hiring a female football coach is the new ice bucket challenge. Ohio State will soon counter by naming a female soccer player a special-teams assistant coach. Michigan State will scout for grad assistants at softball practice. If Rutgers is smart and honest, it will nab its female assistant coach from Tony Soprano’s Bada Bing club.

But Harbaugh was first. He made history.

“It speaks volumes to the efforts that Coach Harbaugh has made to create an environment of inclusion,” Bolden-Morris said in a statement. “These opportunities have been an anomaly for a black woman until recently.”

There it is. The race card. Played to ward off criticism of Harbaugh’s publicity stunt. Played so the public is blinded to the real agenda. A college football coach’s job is to mold men, not create an inclusive environment that meets the diversity standards of the D.I.E. religion.

There was a time in America in which molding men into leaders was a high priority. That era strengthened America, made us the envy of the world. Now China prioritizes building strong men while we seek to strengthen men who want to be women and women who want to be men.

Adidas has released a string of commercials celebrating transgender volleyball player Tifanny Abreu. Abreu plays on the Brazilian women’s national team. He’s being marketed as a hero to young people. We’ve normalized the rejection of manhood. It started with Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner receiving an ESPN award as the most courageous athlete in 2015, nearly 40 years after he won a gold medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Jenner courageously rejected his manhood and transitioned to womanhood.

For the gods of diversity, inclusion, and equity, there’s no more courageous sacrifice than renouncing manhood. The only thing that remotely compares is turning over leadership responsibility to women, particularly the role of developing boys into men.

Jim Harbaugh might win the ESPY Award for courage this year.

Or maybe it will be Apple CEO Tim Cook. This week, Apple released a new series of emojis that included pregnant men. Men can’t get pregnant. Caitlyn Jenner and Tifanny Abreu can have a $100 million in surgery and they’ll still never carry a baby.

Despite their best efforts, the gods of D.I.E. cannot overrule God’s design.

Tim Cook controls the app store, not biology. Cook is a don in the BLMLGBTQ+ Alphabet Mafia. In 2014, he publicly stated that being gay is one of the greatest gifts God gave him.

I don’t have an interest in belittling Cook. But his assertion is the equivalent of me saying gluttony and a love of promiscuous sex are two of the greatest gifts God gave me.

We live in a time when we pretend our sins are gifts from God rather than sins we inherited from Adam and Eve. I don’t blame Tim Cook for being confused.

The confusion emanates directly from the mouths of people who say they are followers of Christ. Christianity has been overtaken by women and weak men, race idolaters who stand in the pulpit and pretend their bigotry has been sanctioned by God.

Jim Harbaugh, Tim Cook, and Adidas are preaching from the exact same diversity, inclusion, and equity bible as the overwhelming majority of American ministers and Christians, the real doctors of death.

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