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Where Is He Going? Biden Wanders, Points, Looks Around Before Finally Exiting the Stage

  Joe Biden ran for president on being the man to help America find its way out of the morass COVID-19 created. What a perfect metaphor, the...

 Joe Biden ran for president on being the man to help America find its way out of the morass COVID-19 created.

What a perfect metaphor, then, that Biden looked like he was struggling to find his way off a stage on Tuesday.

In a viral moment that could only be described as Bidenesque, the president pointed toward various places before leaving via the bottom of the stage — but not before creating a clip that would circulate on social media.

In a vacuum, it would likely mean nothing. The problem is that this happens too often to a president who, it’s speculated, isn’t quite in compos mentis anymore.

The latest senior moment by the commander in chief came as he visited a Veterans Affairs clinic in Fort Worth, Texas.

President “Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier” was there to talk about his “unity agenda.” This comes two months after implying Republicans who weren’t behind the Democrats’ federal voting power-grab were in league with Confederate secessionists and Jim Crow segregationists as he urged Democrats to do away with the filibuster and pass the legislation.

But I digress, since Biden didn’t look like he was the kind of guy who could even get off the stage, much less engender unity in the American body politic.

At the end of the speech, Biden pointed in numerous directions. It’s not clear whether he was pointing at people or places, although at one point he pointed to the curtain behind him, visibly confused.

Given that no one was there, people had questions about whether Biden actually knew where he was supposed to exit. (It was at the bottom of the stage, down a few steps.)

It’s not a great look for this to happen in the midst of a global crisis over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This looks weak, whatever the case may have been.

Again, this didn’t happen in a vacuum. If Biden was confused once, fair enough. However, we’re at a point with our president where it seems more unusual when he isn’t confused.

For instance, watch this clip from last June where Biden had to be led away by handlers after getting distracted by reporters:

And this is just when he gets confused about directions. As you may know, there are plenty of other times the president gets confused. Why, just look at last week’s State of the Union speech:

And instead of being careful for the rest of the week, Biden went on to refer to an unknown inventor — perhaps Thomas Edison, perhaps not — as “the guy who turned on our lights.”

I continue to wait with bated breath for the day

 where he spaces on his own name and refers to himself as “the guy who’s the president right now, what’s-his-name.”So, sure — maybe he was pointing at people he knew on stage in Texas. “Senator Cruz! Governor Abbott! What’s up, my hombres? Can’t catch us talking to each other now, it’ll blow our cred. Buffalo Wild Wings at eight?”

The odds, however, are that Biden somehow managed to get lost on a stage at a VA in Texas.

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