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“I Believed the BS We Were Told by the Gov and Media” – 41-Year-Old Healthy Man Develops Complications Including Severe Neurological & Vascular Damage Following Moderna Vaccine

  A 41-year-old  snowboard instructor  at  Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado suffered complications, including severe neurological & v...


A 41-year-old snowboard instructor at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado suffered complications, including severe neurological & vascular damage, five days after receiving the Moderna vaccine shot last April 13, 2021.

On Monday, Louie Traub shared on his Twitter account how his life has changed after taking the Covid-19 shot and called it the “biggest regret of my life.”

Five days after receiving the experimental shot, Traub began to experience symptoms as the vaccine slowly destroyed his body. He suffered severe tinnitus, Hyperacusis, Brain fog, Vertigo, Blurry vision w/floaters, Stabbing head pain/pressure, Hearing loss, High heart-rate/blood pressure, Fatigue, Weakness, Shortness of breath, Hair loss, Muscle spasms & atrophy, Brain zaps, Sweating, Psoriasis, Neuropathy, Dysautonomia, Vasculitis, Neuroinflammation.

According to Traub, he believed all the lies and propaganda promoted by the government, the media, and medical professionals.

“FAQ: Why did I get the vax? I believed the BS we were told by the gov and media, voices questioning that narrative weren’t heard, all my friends/family were fine after their shots, doctors recommended it, if I wanted to work or see my elderly parents again, I’d have to get it.”

Traub blamed the Covid shot not just on his health but his ability to earn an income.

“Not only have we lost our health and are stigmatized by the public because of our #VaccineInjuries, but we lost our ability to earn income and have no recourse since drug makers cannot be held liable for the damages their products caused.”

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