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Putin reportedly taped declaration of war on Ukraine days before 'live' broadcast

  According to reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin's "live" broadcast   declaring war against Ukraine   was pre-taped on...

 According to reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin's "live" broadcast declaring war against Ukraine was pre-taped on Monday, sparking concerns that the large-scale invasion was already planned but "postponed for reasons unknown."

Putin announced a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine and issued a chilling warning for President Joe Biden and NATO not to intervene during what appeared to be a live broadcast on state TV Thursday. But according to several reports, the announcement was actually filmed three days earlier.

"Putin's speech about the declaration of war was recorded on the evening of February 21, on Monday. You can verify this by downloading the video from the Kremlin website and checking its properties," read a translated tweet from Russia's Novaya Gazeta.

Additionally, Russian-based Conflict Intelligence Team noted on Twitter that "Putin's clothes [during Thursday's broadcast] match his clothes at the meeting of the Russian Security Council on February 21 …."

"This suggests that a large-scale invasion of Ukraine was planned for February 22, but was postponed for reasons unknown to us," CIT added. 

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