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EXCLUSIVE: After 25 Deaths, $1-$2 Billion in Damages, and Over 2,000 Policemen and Policewomen Injured, US Companies Have Contributed or Promised Nearly $1 Billion to BLM and/or Social Justice Groups

  Black Lives Matter burns Washington DC in the summer of 2020. In the summer of 2020 alone, massive destruction, police injuries, and death...


Black Lives Matter burns Washington DC in the summer of 2020.

In the summer of 2020 alone, massive destruction, police injuries, and deaths occurred across the country.  These events were predominantly Black Lives Matter (BLM) Events.  Despite all this, nearly $1 billion has been promised or already donated to social justice organizations since then.

According to,

…the Major City Chiefs Association (MCCA) issued “Report on the 2020 Protests & Civil Unrest.” This report looked at unrest in the 68 largest municipal and county jurisdictions in the United States and Canada from May 25, 2020 to July 31, 2020. MCCA members say they experienced 8,700 total protest events during that roughly two-month period. One city, unidentified but likely Portland, reported 1,100 protest events during that period. The average number of protest events in a single jurisdiction was 128.

During this time period, looting and arson were common and over 2,035 law enforcement officers were injured at the protests and riots during the time frame studied.

At least 25 people were killed during these protests and the costs of these protests in property damage came in between $1 and $2 billion in damages.  But with the help of the corrupt and biased Mainstream Media (MSM) and racists and apologists in liberal strongholds in politics, academia, and Hollywood, BLM was rewarded for their bloody, destructive, and deadly efforts.

As the protests began, big money started to flow into BLM.  We reported on how the donations were funneled through the Democrats’ ActBlue donation scheme and then onto another charity called Thousand Currents.  This charity had a former terrorist member of the Weather Underground on its Board.

We’ve located a document maintained by BLM that showed nearly $400 million in donations were given or promised to BLM or related social justice entities during and after the riots of 2020.  The top 10 companies in the list of donors we obtained have promised $378 million to social justice groups.

Adidas      120,000,000
YouTube      101,000,000
Apple      100,000,000
Alphabet        12,000,000
Amazon        10,000,000
Verizon        10,000,000
Facebook        10,000,000
Cisco          5,000,000
Disney          5,000,000
Niantic          5,000,000

This list does not include the $250 million the NFL has promised to organizations committed to social justice and the NBA’s $300 million promised to entities promoting social justice.  Combined with the NFL and NBA, nearly $1 billion is promised to social justice groups after the BLM riots and related deaths and destruction.

We are not aware of these same organizations contributing anywhere near $1 billion to police organizations or the businesses that were destroyed or attacked during the BLM riots. 

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