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IMBD, Rotten Tomatoes both caught FAKING ratings score for Fauci documentary

  A new propaganda film about the life and times of Tony Fauci, which the establishment is calling a “documentary,” is   tanking at the box ...

 A new propaganda film about the life and times of Tony Fauci, which the establishment is calling a “documentary,” is tanking at the box office. You would not know it based on the fraudulent ratings reports from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, though.

Hilariously, these two fascist entities are fudging the ratings numbers for Fauci’s film in an attempt to make it appear as though there are actually people out there who do not hate Fauci with every fiber of their being.

Overnight, IMDB attempted to boost Fauci’s image by magically increasing the ratings score for his film from 1.6 to 5.8. The only problem is that the site forgot to alter the actual components of the new fake score, which Citizen Free Press described as “[w]eak sauce on the whitewash effort.”

“Fauci hagiography not doing well on IMDB,” tweeted Epoch TV‘s Hans Mahncke, mocking the lunacy of this latest plandemic publicity stunt. “Interesting divergences depending on age and gender.”

What Mahncke is referring to here are the obvious disparities between the overall ratings figures and the numbers of people who voted for them in each demographic category. None of the numbers match, it turns out, and it is obvious that they were enhanced to make Fauci appear more popular than he actually is.

A clogged toilet is more popular and liked than Fauci

The film about Fauci, which is featured on Disney+, currently has an audience score of four percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Those who control Rotten Tomatoes, however, have given the film a laughably high score of 91 percent.

What this means, of course, is that real-life people hate Fauci and everything he stands for. The only people who like him are those who are paid to like him – along with leftist women, which appears to be the other strong demographic in his favor.

In truth, Fauci is not nearly as popular as he likes to pretend that he is. Most people want him to disappear, at best, but he just keeps floating to the surface of the media like a blob of excrement that just will not flush down the clogged toilet drain.

Fauci’s overall IMDB user score is not much better. The vast majority of independent contributors there, nearly 90 percent, gave the film by National Geographic a 1/10 score. Only a tiny handful gave it a 10, and most of these were likely paid contributors.

As it turns out, Fauci is nothing more than a self-absorbed narcissist guilty of committing crimes against humanity who parades himself around as a “public servant.” NatGeo also nauseatingly refers to him as “one of America’s most vital public servants.”

“A dangerous compromised little man glorified by big media,” wrote one commenter at Citizen Free Press about who Fauci really is.

“Who wants to watch Fauci since that POS is always on TV?” asked another. “Too much Fauci to watch a documentary that will give us BS.”

Another joked that Fauci’s ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes is actually a good picture of America because it also reflects the artificial popularity of White House Resident Joe Biden, who nobody likes and barely anyone voted for.

“What a soulless f***ing bastard,” wrote another user about Fauci.

“Seriously what kind of mouth-breather swindling zombie is so consumed by the fraud reflex that they must even rig movie ratings?” commented another in disgust. “The dogmatic left are beyond human trash – they’re a disease.” 

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