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Apparently Jen Psaki was so annoyed by the end of yesterday’s disastrous WH press briefing that she forgot all about the mask mandate [video]

  Yesterday a   particularly   painful   day for   Jen Psaki , but the entertainment value for   us   was through the roof. It really was. W...

 Yesterday a particularly painful day for Jen Psaki, but the entertainment value for us was through the roof.

It really was.

Well, there was really only one way for her to end that mess of a White House press briefing, and you’d better believe she came through magnificently:

We wouldn’t necessarily call it storming out, but she was at least pissed off enough after getting called out by even liberal media outlets that she forgot to put on her mask. Or maybe she just doesn’t even care about a mask mandate.

Either way, not a great look, Jen Psaki.

She seems to be just as press-averse these days as her boss, only she unfortunately doesn’t have the luxury of just bolting without answering any questions.

Sure didn’t seem like it!

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