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Bill Gates Aims to Further Expand His Influence by Launching His Own News Publication

  A Bill Gates-backed advocacy organization is now going to tell the world everything climate change alarmists want us to know. A publicatio...

 A Bill Gates-backed advocacy organization is now going to tell the world everything climate change alarmists want us to know.

A publication called Cipher will debut at the end of September, according to Axios.

Breakthrough Energy, which is bankrolling the venture, says on its website that it “supports the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero emissions.”

The organization describes itself as “building on the proven model of public-private partnerships that Gates has already used to transform health, education, and public welfare around the world.”

“Breakthrough Energy is a network of entities and initiatives, including investment funds, nonprofit and philanthropic programs, and policy efforts linked by a common commitment to scale the technologies we need to achieve a path to net zero emissions by 2050.”

Axios reported that the publication will begin with a weekly newsletter from Amy Harder, who formerly worked for Axios and The Wall Street Journal, and scale up to a full website next year once staff is hired.

The publication will also produce a series of videos.

On its website, Cipher claims it will not simply be a mouthpiece for its funder.

“Cipher editorial leadership has final say over our journalism. We include disclaimers as needed when we cover topics, people and/or companies that are in or connected to the Breakthrough Energy network,” the website says.

However, the publication does have a clear bias.

“The mission of Cipher is to help accelerate the technological transformations required to get to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050,” the site’s “mission” page says, adding that it will achieve its end through “trustworthy and objective journalism.”

“Cipher means zero, which we at Breakthrough find intriguing because our goal is simple, but hard. Going from the 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases we emit a year today to zero by 2050.

“Cipher also means code. We aim to decode complex topics and make them clear to people at all levels working to solve the climate crisis — and anyone who wants to be an informed, concerned citizen.”

The publication will be free, according to Axios.

Although Harder said Cipher will have editorial independence from the Gates-linked Breakthrough, she also said that readers should “consider Breakthrough Energy the driver — and Cipher the narrator.”

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