Ohio Private School Refuses to Let Students Re-Enroll After Mothers Denounced School in Anti-CRT Campaign

 Conservatives are still pretending they actually know anything about white people’s latest propaganda target Critical Race Theory, and now it has cost students to lose their spot at a private school in Gahanna, Ohio, after two mothers violated its enrollment agreement by going on some right-winger podcast to complain about the school’s teaching of racism.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus Academy told mothers Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez their expelled children will not be permitted to re-enroll in the 2020-21 school year citing a campaign of “false and misleading attacks” on the school the duo engaged in when they went on a white fragility tour blasting the academic study conservatives are now using as an umbrella term for all things race-related and white butthurt-inducing.

From the Dispatch:

In April, the pair appeared on a right-wing podcast, “Blunt Force Truth,” in April where they talked for about an hour about critical race theory and Columbus Academy. Gonzalez compared the situation to “the Bolsheviks” and Gross agreed with a host calling the school’s leader a dictator who needed to be defeated.

Columbus Academy’s enrollment agreement, which parents must sign, states that “a positive and constructive working relationship between Columbus Academy and its students, parents, guardians and other family members is essential,” and that “the school reserves the right to dismiss any student when, in the sole discretion of the head of school, the actions of the student’s parent, guardian or other family member have severely impaired” that relationship or “severely interfered with the school’s ability to accomplish its educational purposes.”

This week, Gross and Gonzalez took their Karens-need-love-too campaign to a friendly place, Fox News, to continue purporting themselves to be soldiers against indoctrination while parroting right-wing talking points that have clearly indoctrinated them into believing CRT is a poison that is being funneled down the throats of innocent students who should only be learning how perfect totally-not-racist America is.

“I feel like it is unfortunate that when you are speaking out and you are trying to say your truth, unfortunately, there are people who want to retaliate against you. In this case, they retaliated against our children, who are innocent,” Gross told Fox & Friends First.

Of course, a rational person would wonder why they would even want their children attending a school that they appear to believe is an institution of the Devil for *checks notes* teaching history honestly.

“We tried, in the best way possible, to represent and speak up not only for our children but also our teachers. At a private school, they did not have a union. I believe a lot of it is coming from The National Association of Independent Schools,” Gonzalez told the network.

I mean, if Gonzalez is looking for the opinion of a teacher’s union, she can look no further than one of America’s largest unions of people who actually work in the field of education, which made headlines this week by pledging to “defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history,” and declaring that “Teaching the truth is not radical or wrong.”

But hey, what do those educational professionals know about the proper way to provide education, amirite? 

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