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Seeing Biden’s Insane Actions with Iran, Israel Decides It’s a Time to Destroy the Natanz Centrifuge Site Used in Building Nuclear Weapons

  President Obama performed a myriad of things that were the opposite of the best interest of the country, but putting together a deal with ...


President Obama performed a myriad of things that were the opposite of the best interest of the country, but putting together a deal with Iran where billions were given to the terrorist regime was probably the worst. 

With Biden quickly following in Obama’s footsteps, it’s no wonder Israel recently destroyed most of Iran’s centrifuge site. 

Barack Obama was hell-bent on getting an agreement with Iran.  He wanted this so much that he paid them billions in US dollars, including hundreds of millions in cash delivered in the dark of the night as a ransom payment that was later discussed by conservative sites like this one.

Then came President Trump and he did what America wanted and put Iran in its place.  He withdrew from the previous agreement with Iran and put sanctions on the country.  Then he took out one of their savage leaders:

So what does Obama/Biden do after stealing the election? 

So it really comes as no surprise that Israel decided to take action themselves to slow down, if not stop, the Iranian regime’s efforts to build an atomic bomb.  The Jerusalem Post reported yesterday:

The alleged Israeli attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility targeted an electrical substation located 40 to 50 meters underground and damaged “thousands of centrifuges,” Iranian officials revealed in recent days.


Fereydoon Abbasi-Davani, former head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, told Iranian media on Monday that the attack hit an electrical substation located deep underground and managed to damage both the power distribution system and the cable leading to the centrifuges in order to cut power to them.
The Iranian official stressed that such an operation takes years, saying “the design of the enemy was very beautiful.”


Davani added that the substation was built underground in order to protect it from air and missile strikes, and that the attack was carried out either via cyber, sabotaged equipment or sabotage committed by agents.
The Jerusalem Post has learned that the attack was carried out through an explosive device that was smuggled into the facility and detonated remotely. An intelligence official told The New York Times on Tuesday that the attack took out both the primary and backup electrical systems.


Israel knows the danger the US exhibits with Obama and Biden back in control.  Israel couldn’t wait for Iran to get a nuclear bomb so they acted themselves for the good of their country, the Mideast and the world. 

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