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Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Finally In the News

  After covering for the Bidens before the 2020 Election, the media is finally touching upon the Hunter Biden saga. Kyle Becker at Trending ...


After covering for the Bidens before the 2020 Election, the media is finally touching upon the Hunter Biden saga.

Kyle Becker at Trending Politics notes today:

The mainstream news media covered for future president Joe Biden during his election campaign by referring to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as likely “Russian disinformation.” Twitter even went so far as to block the New York Post’s story on its account, despite the evidence that the report was authentic.

Now, the Daily Mail has come forward with a forensic audit that shows the “Hunter Biden laptop” is indeed Hunter Biden’s. The Daily Mail has authenticated that the “103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, more than 2,000 photos and dozens of videos” belong to the president’s son. This is its summary overview:

  • How he begged his father to run for president in 2019 to salvage Hunter’s own reputation

  • How he repeatedly dodged police action against him, despite constantly dealing with drug pushers and prostitutes and having multiple run-ins with law enforcement

  • Hunter was guarded by a Secret Service agent while on a 2018 drug and prostitute binge in Hollywood, despite not being entitled to protection at the time and amid denials from the federal agency

  • Joe Biden was afraid his text conversations with Hunter were being hacked even as they discussed his White House bid

  • How Hunter’s laptop is brimming with evidence of apparent criminal activity by Hunter and his associates including drug trafficking and prostitution

In a long text that Hunter sent to a family friend, Hunter exposes all that was going on with him and his family.

In the first few paragraphs of the very long text message, Hunter claims he loves a certain person and that he and she have problems staying sober:

In the continuation to the text message Hunter comes across as a victim where he never received enough recognition from the person he is discussing.

The person claims Hunter got her hooked on drugs and then Hunter says: “She has told people that I was sexually inappropriate with xxxx and that’s why I wasn’t allowed in the house.”

Hunter Biden Text -2

Next, Hunter comes across as borderline crazy. He claims this woman only wanted him for sex and yet she was sexually involved with escorts and her girlfriends. Hunter says this woman owes him over $400,000 and then declares this woman implied that Hunter and another certain person were sleeping together.

Then Hunter says that the woman threw his gun away and the police, FBI and Secret Service got involved. The woman claimed she did this because she was afraid Hunter would harm himself or the kids!

Next Hunter shares some very disturbing information.

He writes that his woman friend believes that if a certain minor comes to visit him, Hunter would be, “walking around naked watching porn, masturbating and doing drugs in front of her”.

Yes, that was devastating for sure.

In the final segment of his text, Hunter complains that others think he is an unfit uncle who can’t be trusted alone with children, but then he claims that he is a better father and uncle than anyone he knows.

Then Hunter complains that he has no money.

What a mess. These series of text messages and confessions show Hunter Biden and his entire family are very sick and shockingly dysfunctional. As was noted previously, former Vice President Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s abuse and addictions and protected Hunter rather than focus on his victims.

Now finally some of this is getting the attention it deserves.

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