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Biden on Trump Going to the Border: “I Don’t Care What the Other Guy Does” (Video)

  President Trump   told Judge Jeanine Pirro Saturday night   he would be going to visit the U.S. border with Mexico sometime in the next co...

 President Trump told Judge Jeanine Pirro Saturday night he would be going to visit the U.S. border with Mexico sometime in the next couple of weeks in response to requests from Border Patrol and ICE agents. Reporters asked Joe Biden about that Sunday as he left Delaware to return to the White House. Biden used a favorite lefty term to derisively refer to Trump, calling him “the other guy” as a way of diminishing him by not saying Trump’s name.

Reporter: “We’ve seen Republican senators at the border. Former President Trump said he’s been asked by some border patrol to go to the border. Do you think that would be productive? And when, any timetable on when you might go?”

Biden “We are putting in place a plan that I feel very confident about and uh, I don’t care what the other guy does.”

Biden will not make a commitment to visit the border any time soon as it would visually connect him to the crisis he created by reversing President Trump’s successful immigration policies. Neither will Kamala Harris visit the border. Her spokeswoman Symone Sanders told reporters Friday, “The vice president is not doing the border,” even though Biden appointed Harris to solve the crisis, as she noted on Twitter, “@POTUS asked me to lead our diplomatic work with Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. To address the situation at the southern border, we have to address the root causes of migration. It won’t be easy work—but it’s necessary.”

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