New Campaign Filings Show Ilhan Omar Rigging The Game To Get Filthy Rich In Public Office

 It’s not just by sheer luck or lottery winnings that many lawmakers emerge from a life of public service — on government salaries, mind you — as millionaires who enjoy a life of opulence and comfort after serving their constituents.

It’s especially curious how some of these lawmakers, specifically the ones who entered high-level elected positions without any wealth to speak of, emerge with bank accounts full of cash, expensive houses and full-time wait staff, isn’t it?

According to Free Beacon, one easy method to turn that $174,000 per year government salary into millions in accrued wealth is to have your spouse launch a political consulting business, which is then pumped with millions in cash for various services from your campaign warchest. Just ask Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, because that’s exactly what she’s done.

Campaign filings that came out this week showed that Omar’s husband, Tim Mynett, who owns the E Street Group had a fantastic year as his wife’s campaign showered his company with $1.1 million in consulting fees. That number accounted for about 70 percent of the $1.6 million doled out by Omar’s campaign since late July.

Even more insane is that in total, for just this election cycle alone, Omar’s campaign has paid out a whopping $2.7 million to her husband’s political consulting firm.

In other words, Omar begs her constituents for their hard-earned money. Her campaign coffers are then fattened thanks to her woke, radical politics. And then she hires hubby’s firm and from what I can tell, it doesn’t look like she cares about getting a family discount because at the end of the day, her personal net worth is boosted beyond measure.

I’m quite confident that the Founders didn’t intend for public service to be used for such a benefit.

Omar has come under fire before for using her husband’s political consulting firm but she has somehow escaped from being held accountable for her despicable actions. One doesn’t have to hold a degree in law to deduce that there might be some level of conflict of interest there, or at least an ethics violation at the very least.

But Omar is no stranger to ethics issues, either. As Free Beacon reported, she’s also facing trouble in the form of an official complaint from the House Ethics Committee over money she received in the form of an advance for the future publishing of her memoir.

Look, we all want to get rich and live the dream. That’s part of the American dream. A lot of hard work and a little bit of luck and you could find yourself living a life you used to dream about. But exploiting loopholes and taking advantage of one’s public office to gain extreme wealth is the dirtiest, most dishonorable way to do it.

The worst part is that she’s doing this right in front of us, with seemingly no real repercussions. She is a prime example of why a vast majority of Americans have virtually zero trust in our public officials, as many of them — especially on the left — seem to only be in it for themselves.

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