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Covidiot yells 'I earn more than you!' as he 'attacks Tesco worker' and forces supermarket to shut during coronavirus lockdown to the frustration of queuing shoppers

A man was arrested for 'attacking a Tesco worker' and forcing the supermarket to close before taking out his frustrations on shop...

A man was arrested for 'attacking a Tesco worker' and forcing the supermarket to close before taking out his frustrations on shoppers waiting outside.
Mobile phone footage shows the man furiously kicking the doors of the Tesco Express store in Birkdale, Merseyside on Tuesday morning.
He is seen shouting: ''Hey f*****d, I earn more than you do, you f*****d.'
The man then says: 'Where I come from. In Sicily and f*****g Scotland, you wouldn't get away with that'. I'm Sicilian, I'm Glaswegian, you don't f*** with me. I don't give a f***ing s*** about the police.'

The 44-year-old was allegedly thrown out of the store for punching an employee in the face after they asked him to leave because he could not pay for his beer. 
Managers closed the doors while they waited for police to arrive, but the man continued on his tirade and even started threatening shoppers waiting to be let back in. Officers soon turned up at the scene and handcuffed him.

Moments before he squared up to the person filming the incident asking: 'Do you want to f***ing fight with me?'
He then strolled over to the other people watching and got into a row with another man.
In his fit of rage the man broke social distancing rules that require people to stay at least 6ft away from anyone who does not live in their household.  
As he ran towards him trying to punch him, the shopper said: 'Just f***ing go home so we can all do our shopping you b*****.'    
A Merseyside Police spokesman said: 'We were called to the Tesco store on Liverpool Road in Birkdale at just after 10.50am following reports a male member of staff had been assaulted.
'We arrested a 44 year-old man from the Southport area on suspicion of s39 assault.'
The video was shared widely on social media after being posted by a local on Facebook with the caption: 'Tesco Express Birkdale' and three shocked face emojis.
Others slammed the man, with Tracy Pye commenting: 'Respect to the police. Lock the f****r up and leave him there.'
Andrew Sutton added: 'What a n*****d.' Chanawee Poonpipat said: 'What a tool.' Jesicca Edlin added: 'He's pathetic.' 

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